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Thursday, February 8, 2018

College Bowl Competes at SAR

Our intrepid College Bowl team displayed their intellectual acumen and quick wits on Monday, February 5, as they squared off against the other schools in our division of the Yeshiva League. The varsity team, with Captain Danielle Duchan at the helm, enjoyed themselves immensely as they repeatedly fielded challenging questions ranging from current events and politics to the intricacies of science, literature, history and math. They went on to triumphantly win three out of four games, maintaining their position as number one in the division. Coach Rachail Kurtz watched with pride as the Junior Varsity team, with rising skills and confidence had their first taste of success at the games. As the JV team continues honing their knowledge and skills, they are sure to rise in the standings. Congratulations to the College Bowl team for a job well done!

Monday, February 5, 2018

Electives Fair 2018

On Wednesday, January 31st, all sophomores and juniors were given an unparalleled opportunity to learn about the elective classes offered to them for next year. At a fair during lunch, teachers and current students in the classes were present to describe the courses and answer questions.
Students shopped around at different booths, organized by department, learning about their class options. The room was abuzz with intense discussion among students and teachers alike, and the students are now well prepared for their meetings with College Guidance to design their individualized schedule for next year.

Electives Fair 2018

Thursday, February 1, 2018

Jazzing Up the Second Semester

Coming back from our winter intersession, our Masterpiece Theater group recently ventured into the heart of Columbus circle to view an "All Star" concert with the Temple University Jazz Band. From the opening notes, we all listened from the edge of our seats and enjoyed the breathtaking views of midtown Manhattan.
During the intermission, our group was honored to hear about the arts and jazz personally from the president of Temple University, plus from some musicians and soloists from the program. We all left humming the tunes from the program, and energized us to start the new semester on a positive note.
~Robert Adler, Class of 2019