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Friday, December 30, 2016

Andrew Hershkowitz Speaks With Students About Sports Broadcasting

On Friday, December 23rd, Andrew Hershkowitz (HS '10) of the Bleacher Report came in to speak to our students who are interested in sports media. Andrew, formerly a member of the Falcons hockey team, found his passion for sports aficionado as a high school student which led him to a career in the sports broadcasting life. He spoke to a group of 30 students about pursuing a career in sports media and broadcasting. This talk ended in a very lively Q & A discussion, where students were able to ask him what was on their mind. 

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Senior Night 2016

Last week the Senior Class of 2017 had their annual Senior Night, consisting of ice skating and dinner.

The students departed school for Bryant Park where they strapped their ice skates on to enjoy the night. There was cheer and happiness in the air as the students got on the ice. It was crowded, as expected for the prime season, but nothing the seniors couldn't handle. Even those who initially began on the wall managed to skate around with the help of some good friends. After skating the seniors walked a couple of blocks to dinner of their choice. Some chose Bravo Pizza, others Mr. Broadway.
We returned home, concluding our highly fun and cheerful evening. This was a great night to bond as a grade and build memories that we will share in the future. Thank you to all the teachers who chaperoned. Lastly, thank you to Mr. Galpert and the Senior Council of 2017. Looking forward to future events!

Photo Gallery:
Senior Ice Skating Trip 2016

Friday, December 23, 2016

Students Compete in the New York Business Plan Competition at Long Island University

On Monday December 19th students from the Yeshivah of Flatbush traveled to the campus of Long Island University to compete in the New York Business Plan Competition. The students presented the business plan and slideshow for their virtual business Office and Beyond to a panel of judges and representatives from twelve other virtual businesses. The event was the culmination of a semester long project in which the Virtual Enterprise International class established a virtual business and ran its day to day operations including product development, creating marketing campaigns, financial reports and a company webpage. Students Alan Frastai, Michael Abadie, Sam Torgueman, Teddy Beyda, Joe BenHaim and Sam Laniado impressed the audience and judges with their presentation and were each awarded $2,500 scholarships in the event they elect to attend Long Island Universities School of Business. The students learned a great deal and are excited to continue to build on this incredible experience.

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Junior Jewish History Enjoys Israeli Landscape Via Live Video Feed

On Tuesday, December 13, two classes of Yeshivah of Flatbush juniors enjoyed a Jewish history lesson via live video feed - all the way from Israel.

The lesson enhanced topics covered in the Jewish history curriculum while also grounding theoretical topics in reality. Battles that had taken place in the times of the ancient Maccabees were thoroughly explored and analyzed. Google Maps software allowed students to survey battle scenes, sifting through rugged landscapes and dust with the use of a simple touchscreen.

The in-depth features of Google Maps were also used to re-enact the paths of certain battles. Due to the consistency of the Israeli landscape, battles from drastically different time periods generally follow similar patterns and utilize almost identical strategies. In an oversimplified case, a general forced to choose between setting up camp on a peak or in a nearby valley will always go to higher ground. The general may be dressed in Roman uniform or may be hauling a modern machine gun, but the outcome will always be the same.

Students were impressed by the demonstration. One junior, Marlo Dayan, remarked that the experience was “an interesting way of interacting with the land of Israel.” Multiple juniors involved in Israel Activism and AIPAC felt that the lesson helped them better understand and connect to Israel as a modern Jewish state. The lesson, all agreed, was worthwhile; in the words of one junior, “It was amazing to view our history through the lens of advanced modern technology.” 
~Claire Lessler, Class of 2018

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Renowned Speaker Chaya Faigie Jundef Comes to Speak to Junior Girls

On Thursday, December 15th, speaker and principal of Nefesh Academy Chaya Faigie Jundef came to speak to the junior girls. In an interesting, interactive lecture, she spoke about an important topic that many shy away from: eating disorders in the Jewish community. She opened the discussion by defining and discussing the various types of eating disorders and their symptoms and causes. Then she bravely recounted the story of her own fifteen-year struggle with anorexia. The auditorium was hushed as she told her emotional story. After she finished telling her story, she described the signs that a person with an eating disorder exhibits and what to do or say if you suspect a friend or someone you may know has an eating disorder. The lecture ended with a question and answer session. It was an informative and affecting program that I’m sure all will remember for years to come. ~Danielle Duchan, Class of 2018

Monday, December 19, 2016

Seniors Girls Learn About the Organization for the Resolution of Agunot

Last Wednesday, Rabbi Jeremy Stern, the Executive Director of ORA, the Organization for the Resolution of Agunot, spoke to the Yeshivah of Flatbush senior girls about domestic abuse, the modern day Agunah crisis, and the Halakhik Prenup. Through various sources provided, the senior girls explored Rabbinic sources relating to Jewish divorce and the fact that it is the man who holds the dominant and active rule. Rabbi Stern explained the different motives men have for withholding a Get (Jewish divorce papers), be it financial motivations or in spite, and how regardless, it is an abuse act. His messages tied in nicely with the Senior girls' Halakhah curriculum of the laws of marriage and provided greater insight on the different ways in which Halakhah works to empower women and give them greater control during marriage and divorce agreements. He also explained the importance of signing a Halakhik Prenup before getting married, reminding us that friends don't let friends get married without one. ~Esther Levy, Class of 2017

Friday, December 16, 2016

Pathfinders: Career Day and Summer Opportunities Fair 2016

On Tuesday, the Yeshivah of Flatbush Pathfinders Program hosted a Career Day and Summer Opportunities Fair. More than 30 professionals, many of whom were YOF graduates themselves, from a wide array of fields including law, medicine, business, finance, the arts, mental health, technology, and education professionals all shared their experience and wisdom in order to give our students their perspective on what it takes to succeed. Principal Rabbi Joseph Beyda introduced the program and encouraged students to think beyond high school and college and take advantage of the opportunity given to them to explore their future. YOF Alumna Susan Kasavi (HS 2011), who spearheaded the idea for the fair while a student at Flatbush, spoke to the crowd as well.
Afterwards, students then headed to their individual sessions. Each professional gave the students a glimpse into a different career and the journey that they took that led them on that path. The students were enthralled with the presentations and put forward thoughtful questions for the professionals to address. Each career representative stressed the importance of trying different jobs and internships in order to find your passion as well as realizing it is never too late to explore another option if your first choice doesn’t work out.
The second part of the day’s programming was the first Summer Opportunities Fair, headed by Junior Sally Elbaz and a strong committee of eight students. Over 26 venders, including JNF, Emunah, SCC, Tikvah, Allegra Franc, NYU, NY Times, LIU, and Maimonides Medical Center to name a few, were all in attendance. The fair took place during lunch giving all students the opportunity to speak with representatives and sign up to receive more information about their programming. The day was a fantastic way for students to hear first-hand how to accomplish their goals and follow their passions. Special thanks to Pathfinders Coordinator Shifra Hanon, Doris Anteby, Susan Kasavi and the Career Day Committee for making the day such an enriching experience.
The Pathfinders Program is always look for new sources. If you would like to provide an internship in your organization please contact Shifra Hanon and Doris Anteby.

Photo Gallery:
Pathfinders: Career Day and Summer Opportunities Fair 2016

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Rudy Rochman Speaks With Students About Israel Advocacy

Yesterday, Rudy Rochman, a former IDF soldier and Israel advocate at Columbia University, came to Yeshivah of Flatbush to discuss the challenges that students face on college campuses with our seniors. Mr. Rochman started off by showing us a personal side of the Israeli army that some of us were unaware of. Then later on in the presentation Mr. Rochman shared his experience at UCLA and elaborated on how we could all fight for Israel on campus. By being vocal and presenting the public with the facts we can help sway public opinion in Israel's favor. Ultimately, students gained insight into some of the narratives that they previously learned about in Israel in World Relations class. ~Avraham Tessone, Class of 2017

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Cooking For A Cause: Grand Mazza

Yesterday, chefs Mrs. Ravit Mosseri, mother of Suzy and Jack; Mrs. Paula Smouha, mother of Isaac and Daniel; Mrs. Limor Madeb, mother of Grace; and Mrs. Joyce Matalon, mother of Sharon and Morris, took over the student lounge to make over 3500 pieces of mazza for a Grand Mazza Cooking for a Cause event.
Cooking for a Cause gives students the opportunity to learn how to prepare a variety of entrees, dinners, and desserts while participating in a Chesed event. All of the food prepared in these events are sent to needy families who can then enjoy delicious homemade dinners.

Photo Gallery:
Cooking for a Cause December 2016

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Blood Drive December 2016

Yesterday, Yeshivah of Flatbush hosted our biannual blood drive in partnership with the New York Blood Center. Even though it was raining and cold outside, we were lucky enough to get 162 donations, which is the equivalent of 486 lives saved! Thank you so much to all students, faculty, and alumni for coming to donate and making this blood drive such a success! We really appreciate all of your efforts and enthusiasm! Thank you Mr. Galpert and Blood Drive Commission for organizing this event. ~Florence Deutsch, Class of 2017

Photo Gallery:
Blood Drive: December 2016

Monday, December 5, 2016

Arts @ Flatbush

Hausdorff 2016: Day 4

All the preliminary games have been completed, all the shabbaton activities are in the past, and it all came down to two final games – one to decide the 3rd place finisher and one to determine the 2016 Hausdorff winner on Championship Sunday (12/4) at the Falcons Nest in Brooklyn, NY.

Pre-game festivities included the final group shacharit tefilot, a nice bagel breakfast and the completion of the Hausdorff Tournament Skills Competition. Individual and team contests in 3-point shooting, foul shooting, hot-spot and 2-ball.

The teams from Detroit and Memphis then stepped out to center court to tip off the day’s first game. With Cooper looking to avenge the loss just the night before, the Macs took the very early lead, 2-0, on a basket from #5. Amazingly, it became an incredibly defensive battle the rest of the way, as the teams pressured the ball over every inch of the court, and when Farber’s effort to take the last shot of the quarter led to an errant heave as the clock neared 0:00, the score stood 2-0 Cooper after one quarter of play. Cooper was next to get back on the board, and finally the Pioneers found the bottom of the net to make it a 4-2 ballgame 2 minutes in to the 2nd period. The defense stayed tight and the teams played even the rest of the way, and Cooper held a slim 11-9 lead at the half.

The second half saw Farber finally find their rhythm, getting the ball to drop at a better rate than they had been, and held a 20-13 lead with the clock winding down on the period, until the Macs found Ezra Cooper in the corner who stepped up and drilled the corner 3 to make the score 20-16 with one quarter left to play. When Yisrael Wiener converted an offensive rebound and the ensuing foul shot, the teams were even. And when Yoel Weinsterin hit a three on Cooper’s next possession, the Macs were back in the lead once again, 23-20, their first 4th Quarter lead of the Tournament! With under 3 minutes to play, Cooper had extended its slim lead to 27-21. But Cooper could net get comfortable, as the Pioneers put together 5 quick points to make it a one point qame with 2 minutes to play. That set the scene for a wild finish. With Cooper holding the lead and the ball, Farber was forced to foul. The Macs converted 3 of 4 and went up 30-26, with under a minute left. Farber then got the ball in the hands of Yoni Wrotslovsky, who elevated and swished a 10-foot jumper to cut the lead to 2. Farber then got the big turnover they needed. The Pioneers had the ball with a chance to tie, or even take the lead! But they fumbled the ball away as they crossed midcourt, handing it back to the Macs. The macs converted 1-2 from the line, and Farber again had the ball with a chance to tie. But they came up empty. Cooper again went to the line and hit 1-2 to seal the game, and secure the 3rd Place trophy with a 32-28 victory!
After an abbreviated warm-up, the contenders for the Hausdorff Championship took the court – the Katz Storm against the host Flatbush Falcons – a rematch of the night before's contest that went down to the wire. Flatbush opened the scoring, but Katz had the immediate answer for the 3-2 lead, answered right back by Flatbush’s Eddie Lincer for a 4-3 Falcon lead. It looked like it would be a see-saw affair when Andrew Pearl hit a floater in the lane to give the Storm a 7-4 lead early in the game. Katz extended it to 11-4 before Flatbush gathered their legs underneath them and began to really hit the boards. rebounded gave Flatbush some momentum, and the Falcons closed to within on at the end of the quarter, with the Storm holding a 13-12 lead. The 2nd Quarter looked like a mirror of the 1st, as the teams played close for the first few minutes until Katz got some separation to take a 25-17 lead. But Flatbush cut it back down to a 1-point game on five straight points from Eddie Lincer. And, that was where it stayed as the buzzer sounded to end the half, with the score 25-24 in favor of the Katz Storm.

One minute and half in, Flatbush’s Noah Sedaka gave the Falcons their first lead since early in the game on a pair of free-throws, 26-25. But the lead did not last long, as Pearl again drained a three to give Katz back the lead, 31-28. The Storm then got a big stop and a big lift from Brandon Munter, who hit his own 3-ball. Katz had a 6-point lead, and Flatbush called timeout. With that, the gloves came off, as the shooters stepped up. Isaac Rosen drilled a three to give Flatbush back the lead at 38-37. Pearl stroked a three to answer and give the Storm back the lead, only to see Flatbush work the ball until it found its way to Joe Kattan who swished a three with the clock winding down to give Flatbush the one point edge heading into the final quarter of play, 41-40! With every possession golden, Yitzi Eisenberger of the Storm knotted the game once again with a banked 3-pointer that made it a 43-43 game with 4:33 left on the clock. Living beyond the arc, Andrew Pearl gave Katz the lead back 30 seconds later, 46-43. A Sedaka follow on a rebound brought Flatbush back to within one with 2:30 to play. With the clock winding down, the fans were all on the edge as the endgame played out.

Each team came up empty on their next possessions, and it was Flatbush that found the bottom of the net next, with Eddie Lincer hitting another big three to give Flatbush a 48-47 lead. Katz missed on its next look at the basket, and the Falcons could the Storm in transition, with Abe Chetrit hitting the contested lay in to give Flatbush a 3-point cushion with less than 30 seconds to play. Choosing to let the play flow, Katz did not immediately call time out, hoping for a good look as play moved towards the Storm basket. But the Katz boys became too patient, and when it was clear no open shot was soon coming, the Storm called timeout – leaving them only 2.2 seconds left to try to get the equalizer. Flatbush, hoping to deny a chance at a 3-pointer to tie, fouled the inbound immediately, but Munter wisely sent the ball rimward as soon as he was fouled. The referee called the foul on the shot, awarding Munter 3 free-throws, and a chance to send the game to overtime. But, Munter came up short on the first shot. He hit the second to close the gap to 2. Needing to get one more possession, Munter intentionally missed his final free-throw, but the rebound was tipped around and then settled into a Falcons grip as the buzzer sounded, securing the Flatbush victory, 50-48, and bringing to a close one of the most exciting final days of play in the history of the Hausdorff Tournament.

As exciting as the final day of games was, it paled in comparison to the joy and energy that was shared by all the participants over the course of the entire 4-day event. As the boys and the committee members settled in to the Flatbush Student lounge for the closing ceremonies and presentation of awards. Rabbi Besser opened with one more Dvar torah, focusing on the breaking down of walls, of allowing others to affect us, breaking down barriers and thereby enriching our lives. he noted how open and eager the three guest schools were to embrace new experiences and as well enriched the lives of the Flatbush hosts. He then noted the driving force behind the Hausdorff Tournament and Shabbaton, Coach Mike Gelber, without whose effort, love and commitment the event would not happen. he then presented the winners of the skills competition, handed out the team trophy awards and presented the All-Tournament team. The final word belonged to the four coaches of the different teams, all who were gracious guests (and hosts) and shared the theme of teamwork and community.

As a final item, the participants were treated to a slide show presentation of photos from the entire tournament’s games, put together by Flatbush graduate Joey Baum, with photos taken by Flatbush Senior Sarah Cohen.

In the end, the connections are what it is all about, and no greater testament could there be to the spirit of Thomas Hausdorff. Chazak U’Baruch to all, and we will see you in 2017 for Hausdorff 22!

Sunday, December 4, 2016

Hausdorff 2016: Day 3

Words can only begin to describe the amazing atmosphere that is the Shabbat experience of the Hausdorff Weekend in Brooklyn, NY. When they say “you had to be there,” it is truly applicable in this instance. With Rabbi Besser at the helm, the Hausdorff Tournament not only brought boys from four distinct and different regions of the country together in welcoming the Shabbat, the boys and their coaches shared Divrei Torah and Mishnayot that were both insightful and inspirational in ways that certainly served to “elevate the spirit” of the event’s namesake, Thomas “Tim” Hausdorff.
The crowning event of the Shabbaton part of the weekend was clearly the oneg shabbat on Friday night. Hosted graciously by Flatbush family Amy and Steve Sasson in their beautiful home a few blocks from Flatbush HS, the student-athletes joined in celebration of the Shabbat with words of learning from Flatbush ballplayer Ricky Sasson and from Katz Yeshiva administrator Shimmy Kaminetsky. They heard words of appreciation from Katz Yeshiva Head Coach Uri Yudewitz and Cooper Yeshiva Head Coach Jason Redd. But it was Flatbush Coach “Rabbi” Gus who really boosted the crowd as he started the singing with a number of heart-felt zemirot. To see, hear and feel the respect and energy the Hausdorff participants and Committee members gave to their singing and celebrating was both emotionally uplifting and communally rewarding – in the real sense of coming together as Klal Yisrael!

After havdalah at the local host houses, it was time to get the action going in the Falcons Nest once again in the final round of preliminary contests. The early game saw Memphis’s Cooper Macs face off against Detroit area’s Farber Pioneers. Both teams came in to the game looking for their first win of the tournament.

Farber wasted no time getting things in gear taking the opening tip straight to the hoop for a strong inside lay in. Play was spirited, with both teams actively pursuing the ball over every inch of the court. But the hoop proved elusive to the Macs, as they needed nearly half the period to register their first points in the game. After one period of play, the score stood 13-3 in favor of the boys from Michigan. Cooper gained a semblance of equality in play in the 2nd Quarter, as the two teams each scored 6 points in the period, but it did not allow the Macs to close the gap, and the score stood 19-9 at the half.
Quarter 3 saw Farber find a little bit of its offensive groove, as they were able to put tether a big run late in the quarter to get separation from the Macs for a 39-16 advantage. The final period was more of the same, and Farber closed out the win, 48-29.
The Saturday nightcap would see two teams yet to lose at the Tournament, and by the end of the night, only one would remain perfect on the weekend. Flatbush hit their opening salvo, a long shot from Joe Kattan for the early 3-0 lead. The Katz press yielded its first dividend for the Storm when a turnover led to an easy lay in to make it a 5-2 ball game, but the falcons answered right back with a lay in by Isaac Sutton.
Katz finally got even on the scoreboard when Noah Mamman hit a 3 to knot the score at 9 apiece, but Flatbush’s A.J. Cohen swished a corner “j” to take back the lead. It was now a see-saw battle, and the score score stood even, 13-13, after one. The Storm found a new gear in the 2nd Quarter, ripping off 10 straight points to take a 23-13 lead less than a minute and a half in and prompt a Flatbush timeout. Katz eventually extended their lead to a largest of 15 points in the period, and held off a late run from Flatbush to take a 32-21 lead into the intermission.
Halftime brought one of the most anticipated activities of the Hausdorff Tournament – the “Split the Pot” drawing and the “4-Shot Parlay Shootout, for the raffle prizes (including a 50” flat screen TV, and Apple Watch, XBox-1, bluetooth speakers, Spalding Basketballs, NFL “Duke” Football and assorted pro sports memorabilia – including a NY Jets helmet signed by all the members of the 1969 Super Bowl III championship team, the crown jewel of the collection). Though no shooter hit all 4 shots (a lay up, a free throw, a three-pointer and a half-court shot: all must be in a row and in under 30 seconds to win the full memorabilia collection), Flatbush Sophomore Abe Chetrit was the big winner, taking home the top prizes.

After the what equates to Showtime at the Hausdorff Tournament, the Falcons and Storm returned to the court to finish what they started. Flatbush again scored first, but this time Katz answered immediately to extend their lead to 37-24. Flatbush got the deficit under double digits with one minute to play in the period, but the Storm got the last salvo to push the lead back to 10, leading 40-30 after three quarters of play. The final quarter was all about the defense. By the 3:33 mark, Flatbush was extra stingy on defense, not allowing a single Storm point, but the Falcons could only muster three of their own to make it a 40-33 ballgame. Katz got off with a free throw, but an ensuing hoop by Flatbush made it a 5-point game with 2:17 to play. A David Dweck falling lay in of a huge rebound cut the lead to only 2 points with under a minute to play. Then, Flatbush forced a turnover on an errant long pass by the Storm, and Dweck soon found himself on the line with a chance to tie the game. He could only muster 1-2 to cut the lead to only 1, 41-40, with 40 seconds to play. Katz drew a foul and they, too, converted 1-2, to return to the 2-point cushion. With the ball and trailing, Flatbush called timeout to set the scene for the final 27 seconds of play, and what would be the most exciting finish of the tournament to this point. But after running the offense for a bit, the back court turned the ball over, and fouled Katz’s Abie Betesh as he was heading in for the lay up. But he missed both, and Flatbush gathered the rebound with 10 seconds to play. With the clock winding down, the ball found its way to the hands of Joe Kattan, and he lofted his signature corner three – and found nothing but the bottom of the net! For the first time since the first quarter, Flatbush had the lead, 43-42. The Storm would have one last chance, but with 1.8 seconds on the clock, they overthrew the inbounds pass, giving the ball back to Flatbush. Kattan was immediately fouled, and he hit 1-2, again giving Katz one more last chance with .8 seconds still to play. Flatbush defensed the entry pass, and by the time the Storm got off a shot, the buzzer had sounded, sealing the Flatbush comeback, and setting a very competitive tone for the upcoming rematch to be played by these two squads today, when they will face off for all the Hausdorff marbles in the Tournament Championship game (tip off is scheduled for 12:30 pm).

Saturday, December 3, 2016

Hausdorff 2016: Day 2

It was a quick turnaround for the boys of the four competing schools on Friday morning (12/2), with the boys from Katz, Cooper and Farber basically just having settled in for the night when they were awoken by their alarms to a new Brooklyn morning, the call for Shacharit tefilot and the first of the two morning games of the 2nd Day of play in the 21st Hausdorff Tournament.
The early game pitted the host Flatbush Falcons against the Macs of Memphis’ Cooper Yeshiva HS. Flatbush jumped out to the early 3-0 lead when Leon Ades corralled the rebound of the opening salvo, kicked it back out to Eddie Lincer who swished the 3 ball. The falcons were off and running from that point, on their way to a 37-12 halftime lead. Cooper did not fold up their tents, though. The Macs put points on the board in three of their first four possessions of the 2nd half, battled hard throughout and kept coming at Flatbush with everything they had. They showed marked improvement from their performance the night before, but Flatbush worked the ball methodically on offense, and scored more often than not. In the end, Flatbush was just to strong, and closed out the Game “C” win, 67-31.
After the game, the members of all four teams gathered in the Beit Midrash for a special shiur with Rabbi Joseph Beyda, Principal of Yeshivah of Flatbush Joel Braverman High School. After welcoming the participants, Rabbi Beyda shared a lesson taken from the week’s Parasha – Toldot. The lesson focused on the two brothers, Yaakov and Eisav, noting that the Parasha refers to Yaakov as “yoshev ohalim,” and asks why does the Torah state that Yaakov sits in tents – plural – and not in a tent – singular, as would seem the more correct usage of language. First, Rabbi Beyda pointed out that the “tent” is akin more to a Beit Midrash – a place of study – rather than just a dwelling. He went on to point out that the use of the plural “ohalim” is done purposely to show that Yaakov did not sit in just one tent, but rather he sat in more than one – he studied in more than one location, with more than one teacher; he studied with and learned from various sources. Rabbi Beyda related this story to the Hausdorff event, noting “we usually sit in our own places, but here we have an opportunity to get together and share our learning.” Place the focus on sharing the specialness of our differences, valuing them, and letting them bring us together to connect and grow. He challenged the players to get to know one another and “to sit in more than one tent” over the course of the weekend.
After a break for lunch, which for many meant an excursion to the kosher restaurants that abound on Avenue J and Coney Island, the teams from South Florida and Michigan faced off in the Falcons Nest.
It was a defensive battle from the start, with Katz registering the first points on a three pointer nearly 4 minutes in to the game. Both teams battled hard, and it showed in the score. Farber yielded only 7 points in the quarter, but it was if their was a lid on the rim for the Pioneers, as they could not score at all in the opening period. They remedied that in the opening possession of the 2nd Quarter to cut the lead to 7-3. The Storm responded in kind, as the offenses began to find some rhythm with the score 13-5 Katz just three and a half minutes in. But it would be Farber that finally found its groove in the 2nd Quarter, closing to 13-10 with 1:30 to play before Katz finally answered to put the lead back to 5.
That is where it stood at the midpoint, with the Storm holding an 18-13 advantage. The 3rd Quarter belongs to the Storm, as they clearly found what was missing offensively during the break, and streaked out to a commanding 43-18 lead by the end of the period. The final period was more of the same, and the game closed with Katz defeating Farber, 51-26.
With the Friday games in the books, it was time to pause from basketball and get ready for the Shabbaton aspect of Hausdorff. Kabbalat Shabbat was called for 4:30 pm with a scrumptious Seudat Shabbat to follow. The Hausdorff festivities went into high gear later at night when the Hausdorff participants are joined by members of the Flatbush community in what has become one of the most looked-forward to aspects of the Shabbaton – the Oneg Shabbat (which was graciously hosted at the home of Amy and Steve Sasson).

NEST NOTES: Motzei Shabbat will see the two teams looking for their first win of the tournament face off when Farber and Cooper do battle in the first game of the night at 7:00 pm. The nightcap will see the two undefeated teams tip off when Katz takes on host Flatbush at approximately 8:45 pm.

Friday, December 2, 2016

Flatbush Lobbies Washington

 On Tuesday, November 29, 2016, The Israel Activism Commission under the leadership of commissioners Ben Wade and Amanda Heskiel along with Mr. Rothbort and Senora Shterenzer, journeyed to Washington D.C. along with 45 students to lobby three congressional offices and one senate office regarding the American Israel relationship. The students were divided into four groups, each of whom were all sent to different offices, including the office of Senator Chuck Schumer, Congresswoman Yvette Clarke, Congressman Peter King, and Congresswoman Kathleen Rice. Upon arrival in the capitol, the Israel Activism students headed to AIPAC’s (American Israel Public Affairs Committee) headquarters in Washington to participate in a lobbying preparation session with some of AIPAC’s best lobbyists and student coordinators.
Once the session was complete, the students headed to their lobbying appointments, which were extremely successful. We were able to participate in a political process that only one percent of Americans take advantage of. Not only were our appointments successful, but the senate legislation that we lobbied in support of, the Iran Sanctions Extension Act, was passed two days later by a unanimous majority. 
The students then proceeded to the Supreme Court for an amazing and very education tour of our nation’s most powerful court, which was an amazing learning experience for the students. We then went to the steps of the capitol to take an amazing picture of the commission to conclude our day in Washington. Once we returned to the buses, we enjoyed an amazing dinner from Char Bar, one of the best kosher burger restaurant’s in Washington D.C, and headed back to Brooklyn. ~Ben Wade, Class of 2017

Photo Gallery: 
AIPAC Trip to Washington 2016/5777

Hausdorff 2016 is Underway!

Over 20 years ago, Coach Mike Gelber and Rabbi Naftali Besser – along with the rest of the Flatbush community – were shocked and saddened by the sudden loss of their dear friend and colleague, Principal Thomas Hausdorff, z’l. He was a teacher, an athlete, a mentor and a friend. In their grief, they sought an avenue to keep the memory of Mr. Hausdorff alive in a way that would be both meaningful and educational – and athletic; all things that were part and parcel to the character of the man. So was born the Hausdorff Tournament.

With this annual get-together, not only have Coach Gelber and Rabbi Besser kept alive the spirit and legacy of Thomas Hausdorff, they have created an event that has positively impacted hundreds of young yeshivah boys and girls in ways even they could have never dreamed possible.

Thursday night (12/1), that legacy continued as the Yeshivah of Flatbush welcomed JV Boys Basketball teams from Memphis, Tennessee, Southfield, Michigan (suburban Detroit) and Boca Raton, Florida to join the school’s own JV Falcons as they gather to compete, to learn and to celebrate in the 21st Annual Hausdorff Invitational JV Basketball Tournament and Shabbaton.
As has been tradition, almost immediately after arriving to the Brooklyn school, the visiting teams joined together to with their hosts, first to pray the Arvit (Ma’ariv) tefilot and then to engage in an act of great chesed – the Yachad program. Yachad, The National Jewish Council for Disabilities, is a thriving global organization dedicated to addressing the needs of all Jewish individuals with disabilities and ensuring their inclusion in every aspect of Jewish life. Our inclusive design aims to ensure persons with diverse abilities their rightful place within the Jewish community, while helping to educate and advocate for a greater understanding, acceptance, outreach, and a pro-disability attitude. The program, led by Rabbi Besser, brought the players together with members of the local Yachad community to share in the spirit of singing, dancing and dining together.

It was then time to get down to the business of basketball! Up first were the teams from Memphis and South Florida. The Cooper Macs, who arrived to New York on Wednesday night and spent the better part of Thursday exploring The City – from Yeshiva University to Times Square, squared off against the Katz Yeshiva Storm. The Macs of Memphis jumped out to the early 3-1 lead, but could not build on it. Halfway through the opening quarter, Katz evened the score, then the Storm stormed right past them to take a 13-4 lead at the end of the period. Cooper found some life in the 2nd Quarter, and cut the deficit to 6 at 17-11, but Katz not only answered, they exploded past the Macs, and took a 32-13 lead at the half. Katz poured it on in the second half, and cruised the rest of the way to a 52-19 win in the opening game of the tournament.

A bit later than planned, the host Flatbush Falcons faced off against the Farber Pioneers in the Day 1 nightcap. Farber struck first, but Flatbush soon came back to take the 8-4 lead midway through the opening quarter on a Joe Kattan floater. It was clear, though, that this would be a defensive battle, as the teams played tough end-to-end with Flatbush maintaining the 4-point cushion to lead 11-7 after one quarter of play. Farber was not content to keep thing that way, though, and scored the first 7 points of quarter number 2, prompting a Falcon timeout to stem the momentum that had swung in favor of the Pioneers. It proved positive for the falcons, as they went on a small run of their own to take a 17-14 lead with 3:40 left in the half. Flatbush then found a new gear, going on a 7-1 run to close out the half, and take both the momentum and a 24-15 lead into the break. The 3rd Quarter, though both teams battled, Flatbush continued to slowly stretch the lead and held a 35-22 advantage heading into the final quarter of play. It was more of the same in the final quarter, as Flatbush did not let farber back in at all, closing out Day 1 of Hausdorff with the 43-28 win.

NEST NOTES: Kudos to the Hausdorff broadcasting team of Natanel BenShabat, Max Shemtob and Ariel Uzan, for making the games exciting nationwide!

(photos courtesy of Sarah Cohen)