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Friday, October 26, 2012

Miriam Peretz speaks to Israel Awareness Commission

On October 24th Miriam Peretz came to speak to the students of the Israel Awareness Commission. Miriam Peretz lost two of her sons, who dedicated their lives to defending Israel. Both her children took pride in being Jewish and used their belief in G-d to keep them from fearing war. Both children from a young age, said that they would set out to help their brothers with the power that G-d gave them. Mrs. Peretz's point was to show us, the same way that her children dedicated their lives and died in the army protecting Israel, we the children of the next generation must also dedicate ourselves to Israel. Although she did not advocate us to join the army, she did say that we must advocate for Israel. Sometimes words are more powerful than actions.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Class of 2013 visit National 9/11 Memorial

When we think of 9/11, the same pictures appear in almost everyone's mind. Pictures of the planes crashing, the towers falling, debris as the sound of sirens plays in the background. We think of all the people who died that day; the people on the flight, the hundreds who worked in the towers and the others who rushed in to help those in need. But today, the senior grade thought of more than that. We thought of the value of every single person's life. We had the opportunity to walke around the National 9/11 Memorial today to see the thousands of names who perished, but we understood that there is depth to each one. A name is an identity but just remembering it is not what's important. It's realizing the fact that this name represents a life. A person with friends, a job, hobbies, and a family. Each senior was assigned an individual to research. The results were incredible. The experience was heightened as we sat in groups discussing and listening to the stories behind each name.

As the day progressed the students reminisced on their experience of 9/11. We were in first grade. We saw the tragedy through children's eyes. Seeing the memorial and the Freedom Towers really resonated how little we understood and how far we've come to understand since then. The 9/11 memorial is extremely special in the fact that we have the past and the future together on one sight. As we reflect on what has happened, we look up to what is coming next, the Freedom Towers that stand as unyielding as ever. This event was a threat to the nation and country as a whole. Although we lost so much, we've gained as well. We are now strong and determined to never stop fighting those who try to tear us down.  ~Kimi Hamadani, Senior Council 2013, President

Monday, October 22, 2012

Israel Guidance Program

On Friday, October 19th, our Israel Guidance team, Rabbi Lubner and Mrs. Wielgus, set up an informative, exciting, and entertaining program for the senior grade. After enjoying an entertaining opening skit, the students watched a presentation filled with pictures depicting the exciting yeshiva and seminary life in Israel. We saw the learning experiences as well as the fun and the friendships that our alumni have gained in Israel. In addition, several alumni spoke via video about the ways in which learning in Israel has affected their lives. They expressed that learning in Israel can give one independence and a chance to shape their lives for the future, as well as make friends that'll last a lifetime. Learning in Israel also gives one the chance to delve deeper into Jewish texts and Judaism as a whole. For the main part of the program, students were split into several groups in which the alumni, who had each completed a year in Israel, spoke about their personal experiences and ideas. Students asked questions, learning about the experiences, schedules, types of schools, programs and so much more. Seeing the alumni, excited and happy to recommend and inform the seniors about going to Israel for the year, has definitely inspired many seniors to consider spending their next year in Israel.

Friday, October 19, 2012

EKO Commission Planting Trip

Yesterday,  25 dedicated students under the leadership of Rabbi Moses Haber, helped preserve Prospect Park's nature. They took the train at 9:00AM and once they got started at 10, it was non-stop working for the next 3 hours. They went down on their hands and knees to dig up all the old plants that died over the summer, which filled up a total of 15 garbage bags! They then planted new plants and flowers to replace the old ones. The foliage never looked better. To end the day, the students went for a  scenic nature walk for half an hour before returning to school. It was a really fun experience and one full of accomplishment for all who were involved.   ~Victor Dweck, Head Commissioner, EKO Commission

Torah To Go Series: Parashat Noach 5773

Thursday, October 18, 2012

First Yachad Event of the Year!

On Wednesday evening October 17, over one hundred students and more than forty Yachad and Ohel members celebrated the first Yachad event of the year. The YOF Yachad programs are all a fun way to get to know and interact with people who have mental and physical challenges. With everyone gathered in the Beit Midrash, Jennifer Weitzman, a Yachad commissioner, explained that the goal of the program was "to introduce Yachad to everyone and show them how uplifting the experience is."  Yachad events bring unity and show that everyone has their differences but we can all be as one, together. Students paired up with Yachad members to play a Brachot game, jeopardy style. Next, the gym was filled with music and dancing that lifted our spirits. We concluded the night by enjoying dinner together and hanging out. It was an amazing experience. ~Jeanette Eliezer

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Rosh Chodesh Cheshvan Kumzitz

In the room were nearly seven hundred people, students and educators alike. The first Rosh Chodesh Kumzitz program of the year kicked off with a big impression: from beginning to end, the program captured our attention, and in all the directions we turned we saw our peers engulfed in the moment as well. Rabbi Besser opened the program with images of Gilad Shalit, bringing us to sympathize with our brothers in Israel. We felt overcome with a feeling of achdut, of caring for one another because we are all am echad- one nation. We saw videos and images portraying some of the difficulties that others around the world are facing; including many of suffering families and children in need. These images demonstrated the importance of appreciating what we have and thinking of ways to help out others. Sitting on the floor for a kumzitz, we sang captivating and inspiring songs of tefillah to Hashem, repeating the powerful words multiple times. Throughout the gym, everyone was linked together arm in arm, many so moved that tears ran down their cheeks. As always, we concluded with a loud and powerful Hatikva, singing to the flag of Israel as a symbol of our commonality with our brothers around the world. For those forty-five minutes, our hearts felt truly connected.   ~Jeanette Eliezer, 4-HN

Monday, October 15, 2012

Commission Fair 2012

Today, the SGO hosted the annual school wide Commission Fair for all of our students. At the Commission Fair, head commissioners promoted their commission with a specially designed booth, which represented the essence of their commission. All the students were invited to walk around and sign up for commissions that they are interested in. The commission fair provides students with an opportunity to explore their interests and hobbies by learning about and signing up for the plethora of commissions, clubs, teams and groups that our school has to offer. From performing groups to athletic teams to academic clubs - a wide range of activities are a available to fit a wide range of student interests. Some examples of the student activities that were displayed include: MSG Varsity, the Chess Team, the Peer Tutoring Commission, the Tzedakah Commission, and even the EKO Commission who are committed to making the Yeshivah and our community as eco-friendly as possible. Most of our students are involved in not just one, but multiple student activities, which enriches their Flatbush experience.

The Phoenix Online: First Edition of the Year

This year's first edition of The Phoenix, the school's online newspaper, was recently published. Check out these amazing articles:

Friday, October 12, 2012

Senior Picnic/Leadership Day 2012

Third Time’s the Charm 

There’s a first time for everything. Our first grade picnic was last year: the annual Junior Picnic. But it was also the first time that the picnic got totally and completely rained out. Even though we got drenched we still had a good time. However, we were committed to making this picnic happen-the right way. As senior year rolled in, the second date was set for September 28th. Guess what? Rain! Again! This time though, we didn’t have to get soaked to realize it’s just not meant to happen that day. After much planning and worrying and planning even more by the Senior Council, it was decided that October 12th would be the new date for senior picnic. This time we didn’t want it to be just a day in the rain or sun. We wanted it to be a day of something more, something that all seniors must learn to be a part of - a TEAM. The activities presented encouraged teams to work together. Students had to put their trust in others to complete the exercises. As the ominous clouds hovered above us, we were ready for another rainy day. Luckily, after a few drizzles the skies cleared and our worries melted away. The air was brisk, but after some pizza everyone seemed warm enough. The students were then given free time and it was then I realized that this is our last year to be together, as a grade, as a team. But I also realized that we don’t necessarily need activities to bring us together. We can work together, naturally, on our own. The day was indeed successful, maybe because it took us three times to get it perfect. I’m looking forward to many more activities and events during Senior year. ~Kimi Hamadani, Senior Council 2012 President

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Flatbush Students Compile Sukkot Reader

We are proud to share that senior, Norman Greenberg and alumnus Aaron Senior (HS '11) have jointly compiled a holiday reader for Sukkot, which was published by Tebeh Educational Services. The reader can be downloaded here.
Norman Greenberg pictured with Sukkot Reader