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Friday, October 12, 2012

Senior Picnic/Leadership Day 2012

Third Time’s the Charm 

There’s a first time for everything. Our first grade picnic was last year: the annual Junior Picnic. But it was also the first time that the picnic got totally and completely rained out. Even though we got drenched we still had a good time. However, we were committed to making this picnic happen-the right way. As senior year rolled in, the second date was set for September 28th. Guess what? Rain! Again! This time though, we didn’t have to get soaked to realize it’s just not meant to happen that day. After much planning and worrying and planning even more by the Senior Council, it was decided that October 12th would be the new date for senior picnic. This time we didn’t want it to be just a day in the rain or sun. We wanted it to be a day of something more, something that all seniors must learn to be a part of - a TEAM. The activities presented encouraged teams to work together. Students had to put their trust in others to complete the exercises. As the ominous clouds hovered above us, we were ready for another rainy day. Luckily, after a few drizzles the skies cleared and our worries melted away. The air was brisk, but after some pizza everyone seemed warm enough. The students were then given free time and it was then I realized that this is our last year to be together, as a grade, as a team. But I also realized that we don’t necessarily need activities to bring us together. We can work together, naturally, on our own. The day was indeed successful, maybe because it took us three times to get it perfect. I’m looking forward to many more activities and events during Senior year. ~Kimi Hamadani, Senior Council 2012 President