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Friday, March 6, 2015

Flatbush Students Lobby in Albany

Last Thursday morning, a group of 12 Yeshivah of Flatbush Joel Braverman High School seniors joined a group of 14 Nazareth Regional High School students on a lobbying mission to Albany led by OU Advocacy. The goal was to raise support for the Education Tax Credit bill. The bill would encourage individuals and corporations to make charitable contributions to scholarship-making organizations.

Once we arrived in Albany, we headed to the Assembly Chamber. We were officially recognized on the floor by Assembly Member James Brennan, who represents the district where Flatbush is located. We were then split into groups of four, going to legislators' offices to lobby for the bill. We met with over 30 legislators. Among them were Senators Simcha Felder and Martin Golden and Assembly Member Michael Cusick, sponsors of the bill.

This was the first time many of us had undertaken lobbying for a cause. We learned the importance of speaking out about causes that are important to us. We were also introduced to how politics works in the state government. We also, learned that there is so much more to a bill then simply voting to pass the bill or not. Thank you to Dr. Wolowelsky, YOFHS Dean of Faculty, and OU Advocacy for making all of this possible.
~Michael Dayan, Class of 2015

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Choices Commission Visits Middle Division

On Thursday, February 26th, a select group of juniors and seniors comprising our Choices Commission at YOFHS participated in a student-led program coordinated by Ms. Chaya Zimmerman and facilitated by the HS and Middle Division Guidance Departments. The 6th graders were treated to a video presentation, real-life skits acted out by our very own head commissioners, and interactive small group discussions between 6th graders and high school students. Themes explored included communicating kindly with one another and using words and actions to convey respect in all aspects of communication. One glance across the room revealed animated discussion and students engaged with one another as they reflected on various challenges faced by students of all ages. All involved experienced the fun and excitement engendered by a program geared toward teaching all of our students a thing or two about respect and kindness.

A very special thank you to program creator Ms. Chaya Zimmerman, Mr. Avi Smus and the Middle Division PPS Department, our Choices commissioners, and head commissioners Itzik Cohen, Jack Sasson, Brittany Sharvit, and Katie Zami. ~Dr. Etty Mizrahi, Director HS Guidance

Monday, March 2, 2015

Eric LeGrand Speaks With and Inspires Flatbush Students

On Tuesday, February 24th, Yeshivah of Flatbush Joe Braverman High School had the honor of hosting Mr. Eric LeGrand, former college football player turned motivational speaker. Eric, who was paralyzed due to a spinal cord injury suffered during a game in 2010, has had the resilience and strength of character to become a source of inspiration to all who have encountered his personal journey through recovery. Our entire student body and faculty were privileged to meet Eric during a program consisting of a striking video presentation, a heartfelt speech by Eric himself, and an inspiring Q and A session moderated by Rabbi Levy. Not a sound could be heard in the room as Eric shared his messages to us: Believe, be resilient, make good choices no matter how challenging the circumstances, and you can do anything you set your mind to.
The feedback following the presentation was astounding. All of us at YOFHS were especially inspired by the wisdom imparted to us by this genuine, down-to-earth superstar. Eric thanked YOFHS for hosting him, took pictures with our students, and took the time to personally speak with so many of us. His mother, Ms. Karen LeGrand, was an amazing role model to behold as well. A special thank you to Project SAFE, Yossi Sirote, and Shira Berkowitz for bringing Eric to us. In the words of one of our students to Eric: You're awesome. Stay strong! ~Dr. Etty Mizrahi, Director of HS Guidance

Friday, February 27, 2015

Senior Ski Trip 2015

This month, the senior grade embarked on a two day overnight to Stratton Vermont for their annual Senior Ski Trip. Led by Mrs. Wielgus and other faculty members, the seniors enjoyed two fun filled days of skiing and snowboarding. On the first day the students quickly began skiing enjoying 6 inches of fresh powder on a beautiful sunny day. Many students also participated in ski lessons learning technique and tricks. The senior grade had a record number of beginners this year. The seniors also enjoyed a medley of kosher food spanning from waffles for lunch to deli for dinner. The students were exhausted after a long day of skiing and immediately went to sleep at the Stratton Black Bear Lodge. 
The second day was much like the first with more sun, skiing and snowboarding. After two long days, the students and chaperones left the mountain satisfied and tired. The seniors were glad to share an intimate experience with their grade and their teachers and are grateful for Senior Council 2015 and everyone else who helped organize the trip. ~Ness Azizo

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Girls Torah Learning Teams Up With the Tzedakah Commission For Purim Packaging!

On Tuesday night, there was a joint Girls' Torah Learning-Spiritual Growth Commission-Tzedakah Commission event. Students started with pizza and a shiur led by alumna Jeanette Eliezer, who spoke about Meggilat Esther and Esther's ability to thrive despite her negative surroundings. 
Next, they packaged mishloach manot for the needy. Senior, David Idy and the Tzedakah Commission organized the packages and their assembly. Over thirty girls came to this event and enjoyed learning Torah and doing Chesed all while having a great time. Special thanks to Jackie Fried, Rosie Ovadia, Rebecca Zami, David Idy, Senora Ovadia, the entire Tzedakah Commission, and Mrs. Hanau for making the program such a success!

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Rosh Chodesh Adar & Senior Masquerade 5775

In honor of Rosh Chodesh Adar, the Seniors dressed up for the annual Senior Masquerade! During our morning Rikkudim program, the Seniors jumped in and danced in their fun and creative Purim costumes, raising the excitement and unity of the program. After, the Seniors took turns displaying their costumes to each other, and the faculty "judges" designated several awards, such as best group costume, most original costume, and teacher look-alike. The creativity presented was great, and the Seniors, as well as the rest of the school, had a great time dancing in the spirit of Adar and being entertained by their peers awesome and humorous costumes!

Friday, February 20, 2015

Rabbi Mechanic Inspires Students

On two separate occasions we had the privilege of hosting Rabbi Mechanic, who spoke to the Junior boys and girls. Rabbi Mechanic is a respected and successful lecturer who has dedicated his life to bringing Jews back to their Jewish roots. Rabbi Mechanic spoke about truth in Judaism and believing in the authenticity of the Torah. Rabbi Mechanic's humorous delivery combined with convincing arguments made the program very enjoyable and inspirational.

Friday, February 13, 2015

The Phoenix 2014-2015 Issue 5

Flatbush Students Participate in Yeshiva University National Model United Nations

On Sunday February 8, 2015, eleven students left for the Yeshivah University National Model United Nations competition. The opening ceremonies set the stage for the upcoming two days filled with fun, debate, and resolutions. The Secretary General, Aaron Portman, stressed the importance of voice and using words to influence change. In such a diverse world, it is important for people with different opinions and beliefs to learn the art of working together. As the eleven of us were split up into our various committee rooms, ranging from the committees of the World Food Program to the Security Council, representing either Jordan or Iraq, we were reminded that as the next generation of leaders in our communities and the country, it is incumbent upon us to use our power of speech in combination with our actions to create a better future for the Jewish people. 
Congratulations to Robert Harary for winning Best Delegate and Rashelle Gersh for winning Honorable Mention. A special thank you to Mr. Lazar, our faculty advisor, for spending so much time preparing us for the competition. ~Rashelle Gersh, Class of 2015