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Saturday, January 18, 2020

Chesed Mission 2020/5780: Day 4 - Shabbat

Right before Shabbat, we took a bus to the Old City and walked to the home of Aba and Pamela Clayman and went up to their terrace that has front row seats to Har Habayit. As we took in the breathtaking view, we sang songs with Israeli soldiers to welcome in Shabbat. Then we went down to the Kotel for Arbit and Kabalat Shabbat. There we started a huge circle with people that were praying at the Kotel. We then walked back to the hotel where we were joined for Seudat Shabbat by a group of lone soldiers and alumni from Flatbush learning in Israel for the year. 
On Shabbat day during lunch we heard from a couple of our alumni about their experiences. We then walked to the Old City for Seuda Shlishit with soldiers from Thank Israeli Soldiers. We ended Shabbat with a musical havdalah, singing and dancing, and gifts for the soldiers.
After Shabbat we went to Pantry Packers to help pack food for the needy. We packed hundreds of portions of peas, couscous, and barley. We then ended the night with a late dinner on Ben Yehuda!