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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Teaching Hebrew in the Modern Age

Yeshivah of Flatbush has always incorporated Hebrew in to all of our Judaic classes by teaching I'vrit B' I'vrit. Check out this article, featured in The Jewish Press, about the innovative way we teach Hebrew language with the use of modern technology.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Thank You Card from Toulouse

Dear Flatbush Family:

I would like to share with you a beautiful and touching card prepared for you by the children of Gan Rashi in Toulouse, France. They were touched by the sympathy you extended to them in their time of grief and sorrow in the wake of the awful terrorist attack they endured. It has taken them time, but with advice of their guidance counseling team, they were prepared to express their gratitude.

I would also like to personally thank all of you for the support you showed me in such a difficult time, it meant a lot to me.

I wish you a peaceful and safe summer!

Ms. Hanny Zaltzman

Card From Toulouse

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Brooklyn Jewish Historical Night

Students with Marty Markowitz, Brooklyn borough president
 A group of students and I had the privilege of attending the Brooklyn Jewish Historical Night at borough hall. We heard several interesting speakers such as Marty Markowitz, the Brooklyn borough president, and Ron Shweiger, the Brooklyn historian. They spoke about how unique the Jewish community in Brooklyn is and that it is the largest Jewish community out if Israel. There were various types of Jews attending, representing the diversity of our community. Everybody there had an interesting story to tell. We interviewed many people telling their stories in video. The program was covered by the news as well. At the end, we met the borough president and other important figures and had a delicious kosher dinner.   ~Isaac Dayan 

I had an absolutely amazing experience at the Jewish heritage event, I heard stories from a ton of older Jews that were born and raised in Brooklyn. They told me how different it was back then and how happy they are to see the population going up, this made me very proud to be a Brooklyn Jew. ­­­­This event really inspired me to better connect with my Jewish heritage, plus it was amazing meeting Borough president Marty Markowitz. Thank you Mrs. Hanon & Pathfinders for putting together this opportunity for all of us who participated.   ~Tomer Kornfeld

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Stop World Hunger Essay Contest

Jack Oved
May 30 was the 24th Annual Awards Ceremony for the Stop World Hunger Essay Contest, held in Farmingdale. We are very proud to announce that juniors Jack Oved took second place and Michelle Wahba tied another student for third place. They beat out 65 other schools and more than 2,600 essays!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Arista & Archon 2012

Our annual Arista and Archon assemblies recognize students for their academic excellence and exemplary school service, respectfully.


Friday, June 1, 2012

Challenge Competition

Photo from left to right:
Rachail Kurtz, Coach/Advisor, Soly Idy, Steven Burekhovich- captain, the host - Jared Cotter, Joe Khezrie, Joseph Deutsch, and alternate Mendy Isseroff.

Steven Burekhovich, captain, Joseph Deutsch, Soly Idy, Joe Khezrie and Mendy Isseroff competed on the Cablevision TV academic game show, The Challenge.  A rigorously competetive interschool contest, The Challenge, is a test of the depth and breadth of knowledge, ranging from pop culture to complex mathematical problems, as well as quick buzzer-finger reflexes.  After defeating the best and the brightest of other Brooklyn schools and winning the vaunted Brooklyn Championship, bringing home $2,500 and a trophy, the Flatbush Challenge team made it all the way to the Tri-State regionals. Congratulations to the Challenge team and to Rachail Kurtz, the Challenge coach/advisor.