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Friday, June 1, 2012

Challenge Competition

Photo from left to right:
Rachail Kurtz, Coach/Advisor, Soly Idy, Steven Burekhovich- captain, the host - Jared Cotter, Joe Khezrie, Joseph Deutsch, and alternate Mendy Isseroff.

Steven Burekhovich, captain, Joseph Deutsch, Soly Idy, Joe Khezrie and Mendy Isseroff competed on the Cablevision TV academic game show, The Challenge.  A rigorously competetive interschool contest, The Challenge, is a test of the depth and breadth of knowledge, ranging from pop culture to complex mathematical problems, as well as quick buzzer-finger reflexes.  After defeating the best and the brightest of other Brooklyn schools and winning the vaunted Brooklyn Championship, bringing home $2,500 and a trophy, the Flatbush Challenge team made it all the way to the Tri-State regionals. Congratulations to the Challenge team and to Rachail Kurtz, the Challenge coach/advisor.