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Monday, January 20, 2020

Chesed Mission 2020/5780: Day 6

To kick off Day 6 of our amazing Chesed Mission, our lovely students visited the the children of Aleh, a school for children of all ages with various types of mental and physical disabilities. Our students played, interacted, and danced with them throughout the morning. 
Then we visited Steve Gar in the Gush to hear about his experiences as a first responder, later followed by the best falafel in Israel. After we were taken by Mr. Gar to the Pina Chama, or warm corner, in Gush Etzion. There, the soldiers stationed in the area can come during breaks to be fed warm food and be comforted by the volunteers. 
Moving along in our day, we went to Save a Child’s Heart, where we played with the children  post and pre surgery from around the world receiving heart transplants from this beautiful organization. 
To top off our fantastic fun filled day of chesed, we put ourselves in the shoes of those we were visiting through out the trip by attending Dialogue in the Dark. Here, the group experienced various situations lead by visually impaired instructors as a look into their everyday lives.