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Monday, October 15, 2012

Commission Fair 2012

Today, the SGO hosted the annual school wide Commission Fair for all of our students. At the Commission Fair, head commissioners promoted their commission with a specially designed booth, which represented the essence of their commission. All the students were invited to walk around and sign up for commissions that they are interested in. The commission fair provides students with an opportunity to explore their interests and hobbies by learning about and signing up for the plethora of commissions, clubs, teams and groups that our school has to offer. From performing groups to athletic teams to academic clubs - a wide range of activities are a available to fit a wide range of student interests. Some examples of the student activities that were displayed include: MSG Varsity, the Chess Team, the Peer Tutoring Commission, the Tzedakah Commission, and even the EKO Commission who are committed to making the Yeshivah and our community as eco-friendly as possible. Most of our students are involved in not just one, but multiple student activities, which enriches their Flatbush experience.