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Monday, October 22, 2012

Israel Guidance Program

On Friday, October 19th, our Israel Guidance team, Rabbi Lubner and Mrs. Wielgus, set up an informative, exciting, and entertaining program for the senior grade. After enjoying an entertaining opening skit, the students watched a presentation filled with pictures depicting the exciting yeshiva and seminary life in Israel. We saw the learning experiences as well as the fun and the friendships that our alumni have gained in Israel. In addition, several alumni spoke via video about the ways in which learning in Israel has affected their lives. They expressed that learning in Israel can give one independence and a chance to shape their lives for the future, as well as make friends that'll last a lifetime. Learning in Israel also gives one the chance to delve deeper into Jewish texts and Judaism as a whole. For the main part of the program, students were split into several groups in which the alumni, who had each completed a year in Israel, spoke about their personal experiences and ideas. Students asked questions, learning about the experiences, schedules, types of schools, programs and so much more. Seeing the alumni, excited and happy to recommend and inform the seniors about going to Israel for the year, has definitely inspired many seniors to consider spending their next year in Israel.