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Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Renowned Speaker Chaya Faigie Jundef Comes to Speak to Junior Girls

On Thursday, December 15th, speaker and principal of Nefesh Academy Chaya Faigie Jundef came to speak to the junior girls. In an interesting, interactive lecture, she spoke about an important topic that many shy away from: eating disorders in the Jewish community. She opened the discussion by defining and discussing the various types of eating disorders and their symptoms and causes. Then she bravely recounted the story of her own fifteen-year struggle with anorexia. The auditorium was hushed as she told her emotional story. After she finished telling her story, she described the signs that a person with an eating disorder exhibits and what to do or say if you suspect a friend or someone you may know has an eating disorder. The lecture ended with a question and answer session. It was an informative and affecting program that I’m sure all will remember for years to come. ~Danielle Duchan, Class of 2018