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Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Senior Night 2016

Last week the Senior Class of 2017 had their annual Senior Night, consisting of ice skating and dinner.

The students departed school for Bryant Park where they strapped their ice skates on to enjoy the night. There was cheer and happiness in the air as the students got on the ice. It was crowded, as expected for the prime season, but nothing the seniors couldn't handle. Even those who initially began on the wall managed to skate around with the help of some good friends. After skating the seniors walked a couple of blocks to dinner of their choice. Some chose Bravo Pizza, others Mr. Broadway.
We returned home, concluding our highly fun and cheerful evening. This was a great night to bond as a grade and build memories that we will share in the future. Thank you to all the teachers who chaperoned. Lastly, thank you to Mr. Galpert and the Senior Council of 2017. Looking forward to future events!

Photo Gallery:
Senior Ice Skating Trip 2016