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Friday, December 16, 2016

Pathfinders: Career Day and Summer Opportunities Fair 2016

On Tuesday, the Yeshivah of Flatbush Pathfinders Program hosted a Career Day and Summer Opportunities Fair. More than 30 professionals, many of whom were YOF graduates themselves, from a wide array of fields including law, medicine, business, finance, the arts, mental health, technology, and education professionals all shared their experience and wisdom in order to give our students their perspective on what it takes to succeed. Principal Rabbi Joseph Beyda introduced the program and encouraged students to think beyond high school and college and take advantage of the opportunity given to them to explore their future. YOF Alumna Susan Kasavi (HS 2011), who spearheaded the idea for the fair while a student at Flatbush, spoke to the crowd as well.
Afterwards, students then headed to their individual sessions. Each professional gave the students a glimpse into a different career and the journey that they took that led them on that path. The students were enthralled with the presentations and put forward thoughtful questions for the professionals to address. Each career representative stressed the importance of trying different jobs and internships in order to find your passion as well as realizing it is never too late to explore another option if your first choice doesn’t work out.
The second part of the day’s programming was the first Summer Opportunities Fair, headed by Junior Sally Elbaz and a strong committee of eight students. Over 26 venders, including JNF, Emunah, SCC, Tikvah, Allegra Franc, NYU, NY Times, LIU, and Maimonides Medical Center to name a few, were all in attendance. The fair took place during lunch giving all students the opportunity to speak with representatives and sign up to receive more information about their programming. The day was a fantastic way for students to hear first-hand how to accomplish their goals and follow their passions. Special thanks to Pathfinders Coordinator Shifra Hanon, Doris Anteby, Susan Kasavi and the Career Day Committee for making the day such an enriching experience.
The Pathfinders Program is always look for new sources. If you would like to provide an internship in your organization please contact Shifra Hanon and Doris Anteby.

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Pathfinders: Career Day and Summer Opportunities Fair 2016