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Monday, October 10, 2011

Helping the Hungry

Imagine going down to the kitchen for breakfast and finding the pantry empty...
Coming home from a long day of school with nothing to eat on the table...
Unfortunately, this is the case for hundreds of families in our community.
Let's help change this!

At the Yeshivah of Flatbush High School, we realize the need to help and get involved. We are offering an opportunity to help in this great mitzvah!

We have created a new commission to address this pressing issue in our community. This new commission, titled Helping the Hungry, will be managed by student commissioner Hiram Haddad.

This commission will begin cooking for our community on Wednesdays after school from 4:00-5:15. You can learn to prepare a variety of entrees, dinners and desserts. All of the food prepared in this course will be sent to needy families who can then enjoy delicious homemade dinners.

Nov. 2 & 23,  Dec. 7 & 21,  Feb. 1 & 22,  March 14 & 28, May 2 & 23
Cost: $10 weekly to cover cost of ingredients.
Sign up for as many weeks as you prefer.

Chesed Hours will be given

To register, sponsor or volunteer, please email:
Rochelle Dweck  Hiram Haddad
Ricci Haddad  Shifra Hanon
Lisa Klein

Some of our Chefs:
Shifra Hanon, Tami Morano, Lesley Chera, Giselle Dayan, Amy Sasson, Claire Frasti, Paulette Dweck,Rosie Dayan, Lisa Klein, Norma Shamosh, Robin Dweck, Sara Harari, Rebecca Maleh, Linda Ebani, Ester Jerome.