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Monday, November 7, 2011

Chesed Trip to the Special Children's Center

On Sunday November 6th, 9 Cheshvan the first Sunday Chesed Day program of the year took place. Thirty students and twenty adults volunteered 7 hours of their Sunday traveling to Lakewood, NJ on a very special visit to the special children center. The program consisted of interaction with the special children through music, art, and dancing. Together we were all able to be there for the children and put smiles on their faces. We were able to be a part of the special children family. What made this trip so unique was the combined chesed of parents and children together. Here is one student's response to the trip: My experience at the Special Children's Center was truly amazing. I was touched from the second I walked in. I walked down the hallway and stopped at a Classroom filled with special children. My mouth dropped. I changed within the two minutes of looking at the children. During my time at the center I learned a very important lesson. NEVER EVER take anything for granted NOTHING and to be happy with what I have. At the center I played with the children, sang with them, danced with them, decorated cookies with them, and played pass the present with them. I'll admit it. I cried after a while and realized how lucky I am. Words cannot even describe the experience I had. I will 100% go back again. If anyone is interested in participating in future Sunday chesed programs please contact Rabbi Besser or Rosette Shammah.