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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Israel Activism

Israel Activism had the privilege of hearing guest speaker, Tali Hanukah from Stand with Us. She spoke about how to respond when faced with political issues regarding Israel. Stand with Us is an organization based on the belief that education is the road to peace. Students were informed that it is a misconception that one cannot be both Pro-Israel and Pro-Palestinian. Pro-Palestinian does not mean anti-Israel, it simply means supporting Palestinian rights. Tali explained that the reason there is conflict over the status of the Jewish State of Israel is because of three main Ds: Delegitimize, Demonize, and Double Standard. The Arab nations do these three things in order to justify violence towards Israel and remove public sympathy. Tali taught the students an effective method to combat allegations made against Israel such as: Israel is an apartheid state, or, the IDF targets Palestinian children. The method is called The ARM method. ARM is the acronym for Address, Reframe, and Message. The tactic works as follows, one validates a portion of what the opposition is saying then turns the accusation to address their message. It is also important to include words such as: peace, future, imagine, dream, children and hope. This was helpful advice to help students confront these types of situations as they venture out into the world.  ~Jamie Baum