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Friday, January 25, 2013

Chesed Mission 2013/5773: Day 8

Today was the final day of #TheMission. Many of us woke up extra early to pray at the Kotel. We checked out of the hotel in the morning and enjoyed our last amazing and filling Inbal breakfast. Our first stop was to Yad Lakashish in Jerusalem. Yad Lakashish is a workplace for the elderly who need money to support themselves and their families. Most of elderly people who work there are immigrants. The organization didn’t want to just give these people money, but decided to give them a job so that they could support themselves and take pride in what they do. We saw how they make hand made items in ceramic, metal, cloth and more, which we then bought in their gift shop.

We then went back on the bus to our last army base to dance and sing with Israeli soldiers. We also gave them gifts such as sunglasses, thermals, and socks. They were so happy to see us and hang out with us. I really think we made a huge difference in their lives because they know how much we care for them and really thank them for what they are doing. We also had the opportunity to tour their bunks and play area. We said goodbye to the soldiers and went on to our final stop.

Our final stop was at Kever Rachel. Rachel was a role model of Chesed. Rabbi Besser taught us how much Chesed she did for her sister and how she didn’t want to embarrass her. After praying tehillim and mincha at Kever Rachel we went back to the hotel to pack up, relax, get food, and buy souvenirs on Ben Yehuda, Emek Rephaim and the old city. We then all packed into one room to watch a slideshow made by Victor Dweck. Every picture we saw made us smile and laugh. This trip was amazing and even though we are no longer on Chesed Mission we will still all continue to do Chesed back home. Chesed Mission will be a trip we will NEVER forget. ~Emily Shrem