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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Senior Ski Trip 2014

Starting at 1:30 am Tuesday morning, March 18th and ending at 9:30pm Wednesday night, March 19th the annual Senior Ski Trip was packed with fun and adventure. We headed off with a group of 50 students, and four faculty members Mr. Galpert, Ms. Robinson, Mr. Urim, and Mrs. Wielgus. Some students had never been on the slopes before, while others had been skiing their whole lives, but we all enjoyed it equally. The experienced skiers and snowboarders went up to ski right away while the beginners were given lessons. Once the lessons were over all students were free to go on whatever slopes they felt comfortable on, and some caught on so well that they were skiing on blue slopes by the first day. At night in the hotel the students had a chance to bond over dinner, the marshmallow challenge, and some discussions with faculty members. It was a short, but memorable experience with triumphs, falls, and great tasting waffles, and the students had a great time. Thank you to Mrs. Wielgus for organizing this amazing senior event!