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Friday, November 7, 2014

Rabbi Dr. Henry Hasson Speaks with Students From Doctors in Training

On November 4th the Yeshivah of Flatbush High School’s DIT commission (Doctors in Training) were fortunate to host the famous Rabbi Dr. Henry Hasson, renowned pediatric neurologist and Flatbush alum.

Dr. Hasson was the first speaker hosted by the commission. He spoke to students first about the process of becoming a doctor; the time commitment, different schooling options and his personal journey to being the successful doctor he is. Hearing about Dr. Hasson’s experience first hand was a treat for any student interested in learning the process of career choice and finding happiness and meaning one’s life profession. Students had many questions for the doctor regarding his medical training as well as his weekly parsha articles. Dr. Hasson is a paradigm of what it means to live in the pursuit of knowledge to heal the world physically as well as spiritually.

Chazak U'baruch to Itzik Cohen, head commissioner for his work in organizing the event. Stay tuned for more speakers and events from the DIT commission.