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Friday, February 27, 2015

Senior Ski Trip 2015

This month, the senior grade embarked on a two day overnight to Stratton Vermont for their annual Senior Ski Trip. Led by Mrs. Wielgus and other faculty members, the seniors enjoyed two fun filled days of skiing and snowboarding. On the first day the students quickly began skiing enjoying 6 inches of fresh powder on a beautiful sunny day. Many students also participated in ski lessons learning technique and tricks. The senior grade had a record number of beginners this year. The seniors also enjoyed a medley of kosher food spanning from waffles for lunch to deli for dinner. The students were exhausted after a long day of skiing and immediately went to sleep at the Stratton Black Bear Lodge. 
The second day was much like the first with more sun, skiing and snowboarding. After two long days, the students and chaperones left the mountain satisfied and tired. The seniors were glad to share an intimate experience with their grade and their teachers and are grateful for Senior Council 2015 and everyone else who helped organize the trip. ~Ness Azizo