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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Pathfinders Update: Experiencing New York Fashion Week Firsthand

This past week, September 8th - 15th, was Fashion Week in New York City. Luckily, through our Pathfinder's Program, I had the opportunity to volunteer with the company, Couture Fashion Week. Thursday evening, I went to a hotel in the city for the orientation and was able to choose what type of job I wanted to work on. I chose working backstage. I explained to the manager of the company that I would not be able to make it Friday night and Saturday because of religious reasons and instead of not letting me be a part of the weekend at all, she gave me "special treatment" and let me be under her wing, working the best jobs for the days I could be there. Friday morning I helped designers put the final touches on the dresses, worked with models, and got to watch the models practice walking down the runaway before the show. I met some interesting people from all around the world ... I made one friend from the Ukraine, one from Sweden, and another from Australia. On  Sunday I continued to work with models and also worked as an usher for guests to direct them to their seats. The head of ushers requested that instead of working for the rest of the hour, I stay in the runway room to fill an empty seat. I was able to watch the full runway show in the front row! It was an amazing experience and I am thankful to Pathfinders and Mrs. Hanon for providing me with this opportunity.  ~Sari Cattan, Class of 2017