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Monday, February 27, 2017

Israel Activism Symposium 2017

On  February 15, 2017 Yeshivah of Flatbush hosted an Israel Activism Symposium where 70 students from different schools and backgrounds joined together to learn more about why we should be/continue advocating for Israel. We had phenomenal speakers who dedicated time out of their extremely busy schedules to come speak to us including: Rudy Rochman, Manny Dahari, Tomer Kornfeld, Ann Atkins, Ben Tzion, Yehuda HaKohen, Morris Shalom and Sonia Betesh. It was a very successful day. From the start, we felt the passion in the rooms radiating. Each speaker brought a different message but connected with the students well and gave them all a better picture of why we advocate. Thank you to all who participated in the planning and in the event itself, without all of you this day wouldn't have happened. Hope that what my fellow students learned today will stick with them and they will one day be speaking to students like themselves. Wish everyone hatzlacha and always remember עם ישראל חי!!! ~Amanda Heskiel, Class of 2017

For a Youtube playlist of videos, click here

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Israel Symposium 2017