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Thursday, March 22, 2018

Sephardic Heritage Trip 2018/5778: Day 2 - Córdoba and Medinat al-Zahra

This morning in Spain we woke up to a lavish breakfast and then headed to the station to take the high speed train to Córdoba. In Córdoba we started our walking tour at the Bab al-Yahud (the Jewish Gate). We walked through beautiful narrow alleys until we came to the Rambam’s statue where we talked about his many accomplishments and recited and sang the Ani Maamins. 
Next we went to the plaza of Yehuda Halevi and then had some time to shop and explore the quaint old city. We went back on the bus and rode to the majestic Medinat al-Zahra archeological site. This sprawling ancient city was built by Abd al-Rahman III, Muslim ruler of Córdoba in the 10th century. This city was lost for 900 years until it was rediscovered and excavated in recent years. We saw a fascinating animated recreation of Medinat al-Zahra in its glory.
We then got to explore the surprisingly well-preserved majestic palace and adjacent homes. Next came a long drive south with a stop along the way for an authentic SY mazza buffet. We checked into the Mercure Hotel in the port city of Algeciras from where we’ll catch a ferry to Morocco tomorrow morning!!