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Thursday, April 19, 2018

Flatbush Students Compete in Yale Math Competition

This past Sunday, April 16th, the Flatbush Falcons attended the annual MMATHS (Math Majors of America Tournament for High Schools) competition for the 3rd time. The day comprised of an individual, a mixer and a team round.

While all on the team took the first individual round, 12 convoluted questions over the span of 75 minutes, Team Captain Yaron Sternberg advanced to the Tie Breaker. The Tie Breaker comprised of 4 proof based questions for an additional 75 minutes. His performance would ultimately place him in third.

Simultaneously, as the Tie Breaker round occurred, the rest of the students were divided for the mixer round. Teams were randomized as students would work to solve problems with non-Team members. Mazal Zebak and her team placed third and Joe Sutton with his team placed first, flaunting his awarded chocolate with pride.

The real Falcon spirit showed, when of the ten schools attending, the Falcons worked together for the team round. While solved problems contributed to the score live, the Falcons fell in and out of the lead. Ultimately, by a difference of a mere point, the Falcons took third.