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Thursday, April 11, 2019

New Orleans Chesed Trip 2019/5779: Day 4

We began our fourth and last day in New Orleans at Green Light New Orleans, an environmentally friendly non-profit organization, that began updating the light bulbs in the city to more efficient, energy saving bulbs. Once they completed that project, they started a project to try to save the city from flooding. We painted water barrels that release water slowly so the ground can absorb it in a way that it won’t flood. We painted barrels so that it’s a pretty fixture that people would want to display in their yards. We also cleaned up a local vegetable garden to help people access fresh produce.
After Green Light, we went to the Giving Hope Food Pantry. People come once a month to fill their houses with food. We helped unload the truck and organize the produce. We then handed out food to all the people that needed. We were able to meet them and greet them with smiles, hopefully making their day a little better. 
Afterwards, we went to Waffle on Maple and enjoyed a great final meal together. The New Orleans Chesed Trip was an amazing experience filled with Chesed and Fun! 
~Betty Greenberg, Class of 2019