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Friday, September 23, 2011

College Visits to Penn and Drexel Universities

Bright and early on a sunny Monday morning in September, a group of 16 seniors and juniors accompanied by 4 members of the College Guidance staff, went down to Philadelphia to visit Drexel University and the University of Pennsylvania. Our first stop was at Drexel’s Admissions Office, where we had a private information session with an admissions counselor. The session was held in a magnificent room with classical paintings, making us feel as though we were in an art museum. We learned all about the wonderful opportunities Drexel offers, such as its co-op program and its central urban location.

After a tour of the campus, including many of Drexel’s newest buildings and its brand new biowall, we departed for the Penn campus – right next door. Our first stop was lunch at the Hillel. Several Flatbush alums, including Rita Wahba, Mourad Kattan, Abe Sutton, Joseph Sutton and Lisa Piontnica, joined us for a delicious lunch. Afterwards, we made our way down Locust Walk for an information session and student-led tour of campus. We saw the beautiful quads, state of the art classrooms and athletic facilities – and even ran into another Flatbush alum, Dovie Rosenberg, on his way to class. Our last stop of the day was back at the Hillel where we had a chance to informally chat with several other Flatbush alums, such as Mordechai Fried, and Leron Arama. We were also greeted by Debbie Yunker, the Assistant Director of Hillel. All in all, we had an informative and fun trip, experiencing these two wonderful colleges first-hand.

All of our students agreed – visiting colleges is the only way to really find out if they are the right fit for you!

~Ms. Rachel Natov, College Guidance Counselor