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Monday, September 12, 2011

Yeshivah of Flatbush Remembers 9/11

Today we were fortunate to experience a very special 9/11 memorial program at the Yeshivah. We listened to personal recollections and experiences from members of our staff and learned about the different aspects of that day, and the months of recovery afterward. Rabbi Rosenblum, our valued teacher and college guidance counselor, organized the entire program and put together an emotional and stirring memorial of that day

We were fortunate to hear Mr. John Cardo, a member of our security staff and retired NYPD officer, describe his experiences on that day and working at the ground zero site for months afterward. We are thankful to him for his service to our country, our city and now to our Yeshivah.

Despite the tragedy, we were shown glimmers of hope. Mr. Blumenthal, our Associate Administrator and member of Chevra Hatzolah, related a touching story of a woman who went into labor as the towers fell, giving birth to new life among the ashes and destruction surrounding them. Mrs. Kaplowitz, another one of our valued teachers, recounted her experiences volunteering at ground zero, providing both emotional and physical nourishment to those working at the ground zero site. Rabbi Rosenblum related the loss of his brother. The stories were moving, but they all had a common thread: when we work together and move towards a common goal, with respect and courtesy for one another, we can overcome anything.

In conjunction with the memorial assembly, Mr. Novetsky, our very talented art teacher, created an interactive art exhibit. Faculty and students were invited to share thoughts and feelings about 9/11 by using chalk on the exhibit itself. The exhibit provided an emotional, living memory to remind us of our country's perseverance and fortitude during the worst attack on American soil in U.S. History.

We would like to thank Rabbi Rosenblum, Ms. Kaplowitz, Mr. Blumenthal, Mr. Cardo and Victor Dweck for their contributions to our 9/11 Memorial Program. We all were touched by their recollections of that time.

If you have any thoughts, feelings or reactions to today's assembly please submit them -  we will be posting a few on our site. Feel free to submit video responses as well. Email all thoughts and responses to