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Friday, February 10, 2012

Tu B'Shvat Program

On this special day, Tu B'Shvat, we reflect on the beautiful produce and trees that Hashem has given us, especially the fruits of the land of Israel. As Jews, we have a special bond with the land of Israel and a responsibility to cultivate it. While we live in America, we can participate in this Mitzvah by planting trees in Israel, especially now.
Israel experienced a devastating forest fire in the Har Carmel region in 2010. Five million trees were devoured and the effects still linger. To counter this tragedy we have teamed up with Zo Artzeinu and embarked on a mission to plant a minimum of 100 fruit bearing trees in Israel to create the Yeshivah of Flatbush orchard.
Today we met with all the classes encouraging them to participate in this wonderful Mitzvah. The students watched an informative video about this project that can also be found here.We are asking parents to please consider joining us in this wonderful project. The cost of one tree is $36. You can donate in memory or in honor of someone and a certificate will be mailed to you. We hope you will help us achieve our goal. You can also donate on line by going and write Yeshivah of Flatbush High School on the form.
If you have any questions please contact Rabbi BenLulu at
Project coordinators: Emma Cohen, Debbie Waldman, Erica Isayev, Hymie Anteby, Joey Pinchas

Our Tu B'Shvat program concluded with a special Seder with some of our students. We were able to hear some divrei torah and eat some fruits from Israel. Our students were surprised with a special, beautifully decorated cake in honor of the holiday decorated by Senora Birman, Chair of our Foreign Languages Department.