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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Pathfinders: Health and Nutrition

Pathfinders offers an array of internships to high school students of the Yeshivah of Flatbush. For students such as Allison Tawil and Miriam Einhorn, who are interested in health and nutrition, what better internship than one by a Registered Dietitian? In their internship with Karen Moreno, a nutritionist and alumni of YOF (2005), they are exposed to the ins and outs of running a business.
“The exposure we [Allison and Miriam] are receiving in this internship is preparing us not only for college, but also for our future. It is giving us the tools to not only lead a healthy life, but also to learn how to start a business once we finish college. In essence it’s teaching us about ‘the outside world.’ ”
Karen has assigned her interns various jobs and tasks to fulfill in which they learn many intriguing facts about not only keeping their own body healthy but also learning how to spread this information to others. One example is the weekly social media posts they are supposed to prepare in which they find recent nutrition studies, health facts, and recipes that will later be posted on Twitter and Facebook.
“We [Allison and Miriam] are extremely appreciative that we have been given this opportunity to learn so many new things; even if we don’t pursue a career in nutrition we still have gained so much from this internship.”

                                               -Karen Moreno, MS, RD, CDN
                                                 Internship Advisor
                                               -Allison Tawil and Miriam Einhorn