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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Junior Seminar 2012

After weeks of anticipation, the day finally arrived; Junior Seminar was here, one of the most unforgettable seminars Flatbush has ever seen. Seminar started on Thursday afternoon when each Junior had an opportunity to take part in a different Chesed activity. Some students went to visit the elderly while others packaged food for the needy. On Friday morning we traveled to the Stamford hotel and conference center of Connecticut, where we would spend Shabbat. There we experienced some of the most inspiring and memorable moments included the multiple heartrending videos on the dangers of texting and driving, the power of Chesed during the Hurricane, and the importance of time. We also enjoyed the amazing band that livened up our program, and the numerous faculty and student speeches that touched each of us in its own way. In addition, we shared a number of semachot on our seminar, including newly engaged graduates Joe Harary and Rosette Shammah and the engagement of our beloved Director of High School Guidance, Dr. Gila Sandler. On seminar, we connected with old friends while forming relationships with new ones. Also, it was a time to get us thinking about the world around us, to appreciate our friends, families, the Yeshivah and ultimately, ourselves. I can't wait until next year...for our Senior Seminar!  ~Bob Husney