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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Senior Seminar 2012

After Hurricane Sandy and the SATs it was finally time. The final days of Chanukah were coming and the seniors were finally ready for SEnior Seminar 2012. Seminar started on Thursday, when the seniors had the pleasure of hearing from Ricky Cohen, CEO of the Conway Organization. He spoke about finding your true potential. Each senior also received a copy of his new book: Risk To Succeed. The seniors then had the opportunity to hear a heartwarming message from Mrs. Zaltzman. On Friday, the seniors packed their bags and loaded the buses headed to Edison NJ for their final shabbaton together. After arriving at the Edison Hotel friday afternoon, the seniors unpacked and started off the weekend by learning how to cope and prepare for some of the challenges they will have in life after and even before they graduate. The entire weekend was based on Challenges. Teachers would discuss with the students about the challenges that come along with college, Hashem, relationships and more. They then brought in the Shabbat by singing and dancing and lighting the menorah. The food was great and after dinner and the sessions all the seniors stayed down for some Chulent and inspiring words at the tish. Many students spoke about their personal challenges throughout the weekend. On Saturday night the seniors played the Senior Showdown game ran by Eva Bernfeld. The showdown got everyone so pumped up for the rest of the night and got most people messy with fluff and oreos! THe finished the night with an amazing rikkudim and kumzitz. After many speeches, sessions, tears of joy and sadness, the seniors packed their bags to come back home. The weekend was truly amazing. The seniors spent their last seminar together as one, hand and hand, not wanting to leave. Thanks to all those who spoke and shared their personal stories with their friends and teachers. A special thank you to Rabbi Besser who made this entire weekend possible. ~Emily Shrem