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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Wellness and Confidence Commission Night!

On Tuesday night, May 28th, the Confidence Commission and Wellness Tzei U'lemad joined forces to launch an event like no other. The Girls Fashion Show wasn't the typical runway show; its mission was to not only allow girls to express themselves on the outside, but also to reflect on their inside. Before the show started, the girls attended sessions relating to the topic. The Wellness sessions included Yoga with Ms. Robinson and Art Therapy with Rena Grosser, a certified art and child life therapist. The first Confidence session was given by Naomi Maryles, an attorney, who spoke about balancing a career and motherhood. The second was given by Esther Hidary, a well known educator, who spoke about the power of women in Judaism and beauty in the Torah. The third was given by Rina Kattan, Flatbush alum and Barnard student, on our perspective on beauty and life. After the sessions, the girls gathered in the auditorium for the runway portion of the event. The runway show was like no other. The models were asked to wear an outfit that speaks for their personality. Once the models walked down the runway and onto the stage, they turned their backs to the audience to show the sign that said "I am____" (filled in with a characteristic that they love about themselves). Each model then explained her outfit choice in relation to her personality and walked off the stage with confidence. They were shown a TED Talk given by fashion designer, Jessi Arrington, who has mastered the concept of expression through clothing in her own unique way. Afterwards, Jessi answered some of the Confidence Commission members questions via a live video feed. Our Yeshivah of Flatbush Girls Dance team also then gave a riveting performance. The night not only inspired girls to express their inner qualities through their clothing, but also inspired them to strive to be unique individuals. Family, friends and faculty who were at the program gave it rave reviews and all agreed that they can't wait for next year's event!
~Ms. Robinson, Faculty advisor