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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

YOF Israel STEM Trip 2014/5774 - Day 5

Wow. Sunday was an incredible but really long day, but there was very little rest before waking up early to pray Shacharit at 6:45 am. We didn't want to miss one minute of our visit to Google headquarters in Tel Aviv!

The first thing we did was to hear all about a new elevated transportation system called "Skytran" from its CEO, Jerry Sanders, (with our group pictured above). To picture this system think about a cross between Star Trek and The Jetsons. Tel Aviv will be the first city to use this new wave rapid transit and we can't wait to see it in action! We then had a tour of the beautiful Google offices. Each floor has a different theme, related to the different cities and geography of Israel. 
After lunch at the Carmel Market we visited Wix, one of the most recent of Israel startups to go public (2 months after its IPO it's worth over 1 Billion dollars!). We learned how to make a website for the StartUp ideas that we brainstormed and worked on at Presentense. 
After dinner back at the hotel we all visited the Blind Museum. It was a truly sobering experience to try to navigate in total darkness - we came away with a greater empathy for the blind, and truly grateful for the gift of sight.