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Thursday, January 23, 2014

YOF Israel STEM Trip 2014/5774 - Day 6

Tuesday morning started with a trip to Yokneam to visit Given Imaging, the company that developed the Pill Cam. This bio-tech company revolutionized the methods of diagnosing problems in the Gastro-intestinal tract by producing a pill that contains a tiny camera designed to take  pictures from inside the body as the pill passes through the GI tract. A researcher and developer described to us the unique capacities and technologies on a variety of their Pill Cams inventions.  As students began to understand how the pill cam works, they thought about ways it could be improved, offering various suggestions for the future. All of these ideas are in development!

We then traveled to the Carmel where three jeeps were waiting to take us on a tour of the mountains. The site was in the same place of the terrible fire of a number of years ago. It was truly miraculous to note that from beneath the devastation and burnt forest many new flowers, shrubs and tree new growth was starting. (The information that was shared over the walkie talkies was an inspiration to all! )

We prayed tefillat Mincha on a cliff overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. The silence during shmona esrei was awesome.

We continued our STEM education with a visit to Avi Buzaglou, founder of Geomine, a system to observe land mines from the air. This new technology allows countries to develop more land and to fence off dangerous areas. 

We went back to the hotel for dinner and then indoor rock climbing before getting ready for our last day of this super trip.