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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

EKO Commission Marches to Save the Planet!

A group of students from our EKO Commission together with Rabbi Haber headed for Manhattan on Sunday morning with intentions of making history. The train was crowded but that didn't deter us, the Eko Commission had an agenda worth completion. We disembark the train at 72nd street and Central Park West and we're met with thousands upon thousands of zealous and prideful marchers with one goal, Save Our Planet. The People's Climate March gathered over 300,000 people from all over the world united under the one cause: raise awareness of Earth's changing climate. We saw only a fraction of those marchers, but that was enough to fuel us with excitement for what was to come. People of all ages came to support the cause. We all left that day with a sense of accomplishment. We know we made history and forever serve as the testament that as a people we care dearly about our planet. SAY TREES!!!

Special thanks to Rabbi Haber, Mathew Bukobza, and Noam Menashe for this wonderful experience. ~ Merle Cohen