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Monday, September 22, 2014

Pathfinders Update: Spending Summer Part of Women in Science

Sabrina Abrahim with Dr. Karamitopolous
This past summer, I had the prestigious opportunity to get a sneak peak into the medical field with the help of the Director of the Pathfinders Program, Mrs. Hanon. I was accepted into the Women in Science program at Maimonides Medical Center, led by Dr. Karamitopolous, a pediatric orthopedic surgeon at Maimonides. This program was established to give women interested in medical research and the medical field in general a chance to explore what might someday become their future career. I was able to see the distinct difference between the hospital versus the office environment. The highlight of my internship was that I able to do hands-on work rather than filing papers and cleaning out test tubes. I was permitted to shadow doctors in the office, interact with patients, and join various attendings as well as residents in the Operating Room. Yes, you read correctly. I watched real, live surgeries, side by side with my mentor. In addition, I joined residents and interns in the simulation lab to practice techniques including suturing and casting. I attended lectures about women in society, writing articles about medical research, and balancing family and career. Every now and then, I spoke with different surgeons and gained wonderful insight about college, medical school, and the path to success. Within a few weeks, I formed strong, lasting relationships with the entire Orthopedic team at Maimonidies! ~Sabrina Abrahim