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Monday, October 12, 2015

Pathfinders Update: Summer 2015 Experiences II

Over the summer Yeshivah of Flatbush students engaged in a variety of career building opportunities, exploring their interests outside of the classroom. These opportunities were facilitated by the Yeshivah of Flatbush Pathfinders Program. The students reflect on their summer experiences below:

Sabrina Abrahim with Dr. Grazi
This past summer I witnessed life happen. Yes, you read correctly. Through the help of Dr. Wolowelsky and the Pathfinders Program, I received an internship with Dr. Grazi, a reproductive endocrinologist. I had the opportunity to shadow office visits as well as surgeries. I even got to participate in new research projects, collecting data and spinning blood. I spent weeks in the embryology lab where I watched as the embryologist inject a sperm into an egg, which would fertilize and become an embryo, and in nine months would hopefully be a baby. So yes, this past past summer I witnessed life.
~Sabrina Abrahim, Class of 2016

Allan Bailey in the Courthouse
For the second half of my summer I interned for Judge Leon Ruchelsman at the Brooklyn Courthouse. He specializes is guardianship cases which are civil cases that deal with financial matters. Most of the time I listened to his hearings and filed paperwork. I also had the opportunity to explore many other divisions in the courts, not just civil but criminal, matrimonial, and family courts. I sat in on a few criminal cases and followed them for days to wait and here the results. These were really interesting. I also say in on a few divorce cases, which were interesting as well.

My experience in this courthouse combined law and finance. The paperwork that I filed was almost always rundowns of all of the financial activities and transactions made by the guardian in the civil cases. We had to review these and make sure that there was no corruption going on. Overall I thought it was a great business and law experience.
~Allan Bailey, Class of 2016

Clarice Soffer with professor and bag that she made herself
This past summer my friends and I signed up for FIT precollege classes through the Pathfinders Program. I signed up for two classes, bag design and jewelry making. In bag design I learned how to sew and deal with different kinds of leathers. I even made three bags by myself. In jewelry making I learned how to cut, anneal, texture, bend, etch and even enamel metal. I made many bracelets, rings and necklaces. These classes gave me a better understanding of what college life is like, I met many new people, had two professors and learned a lot of new skills. If it wasn't for this program I would have never known how much I enjoyed doing these things. Thank you Ms. Hanon and Pathfinders for informing me about it unique opportunity.
~Clarice Soffer