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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Seniors 2016 Scavenger Hunt in Grand Central Station

Senior Council 2016 in Grand Central Station
Last Wednesday, the Yeshivah of Flatbush Class of 2016 went to Grand Central Station for a grade-wide scavenger hunt. This trip was an opportunity for the Seniors to have a fun day while bonding as a grade. Clues ranged from "start a flash mob" to "find a bride in a wedding gown." Some clues, such as the latter, were not so simple to find, however with some creativity teams managed to score those points (take a picture with a bride in a wedding gown in a magazine). The Seniors arrived at the Station at around 10:30, where they divided up into their teams and began their search. They had up until 12:50 to explore and capture their moments. And explore they did! Grand Central Station is massive, with food courts, tennis courts, the awesome whispering hall, and incredulously large Apple store. A few flash mobs later, the Seniors returned home and took a late lunch. Classes resumed in time for electives, and then the seniors were able to make it home, after a fun-filled, tiring day. 

Shout out to the winning team, Victoria Gindi, Danielle Ashkenazie, Sylvia Franco, Rachel Isayev, Gina Gindi, Katie Fischel, and to the runner-ups, Joe B., Isaac Shalom, Moses Betesh, Rose Mishaan, Evelyn Tawil, Merle Dweck, and Yvonne Benun. Thank you to Mr. Galpert, the faculty chaperones, Senior Council 2016, and our classmates for making this day not only possible but extremely entertaining and endlessly fun!
~Michelle Harari, Senior Council 2016 President