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Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Ma Rabu Ma'asecha Hike With Rabbi Haber

Recently, some girls from Rabbi Haber's Jewish Philosophy class went hiking on Moses Mountain in Staten Island. The trip was inspired by an idea we had been discussing in class, that in order for one to attempt to understand G-d, to know G-d, or to serve G-d, she must look towards G-d’s creations. By examining and acknowledging all that is in this world, all that is this world, we can bring ourselves one rung higher on the spiritual ladders of our lives.
As we hiked, Rabbi Haber gave us a Dvar Torah. Rabbi Haber implored all of us to recognize the immense amount of diversity in nature and to understand how just as no two leaves are identical, so too no two people are identical. Hashem created us all differently. We are all different and Hashem wants us to be different. Hashem wants us to all be ourselves and stay true to our differences. While we might all follow the same path when hiking, our overall paths in life will not be the same.
~Esther Levy, Class of 2017