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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Flatbush Students Take Journey To The Start Up Nation

Flatbush Students with COO and CoFounder of Glide
During Winter Break, three Yeshivah of Flatbush students traveled to Israel to visit and collaborate with the amazing startups that are growing there daily with the Center for Initiatives in Jewish Education. Along with other yeshiva students from America, our students traveled throughout Israel to work with and learn what makes Israel the hottest country for technological innovation.

After a long 11 hour flight, we finally stepped onto the holy land of Israel. Immediately we started our journey to the Start Up Nation with the War of Independence Bullet Factory. Throughout the 10 day trip we delved into the history of engineering and how to create a start up company. We learned how to pitch an idea and take care of all the business aspects that is required. We also got to see interesting start up companies and accelerators. Our group learned how to truly succeed in the cut throat field of engineering. We also expereinced fun activities like jeep riding up the Carmel Mountain and watching an Israeli basketball game. It was a truly amazing experience.
~Isaac Levi, Class of 2017