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Monday, November 7, 2016

Q & A with Mr. Brian Walls of The Glass Castle

During the summer, the all students in the senior grade read Janette Walls's memoir, The Glass Castle. On Monday, October 10th Janette Walls's brother, Brian Walls came to speak with us and answer any questions we had. He said although the story in the book about his siblings childhood was almost precise and not exaggerated, each one of their siblings had a different view on how everything played out. He also explained how the way he grew up effected his view on life and how he raised his daughter. He concluded the assembly by thanking us and mentioning that all of our questions will really get him thinking. We appreciated Mr. Brian Walls coming to answer all of our questions, and we look forward to watching the upcoming movie of The Glass Castle coming out around Thanksgiving of 2017. ~Brenda Hefez, Class of 2017