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Friday, November 11, 2016

Sophomore Day 2016

On Tuesday, November 2, 2016 the sophomores participated in our annual Sophomore Day. The program started off in the Laniado Auxiliary Gym, where multiple animation videos were shown. We were then split into groups, by class, and had a discussion with our class mentor about what morals and lessons that we can take away from each video. After, each class participated in various team building and interactive activities, ranging from pictionary, escape the room, and a shoe stacking contest, to name a few. Following these exciting activities, we enjoyed a special lunch in the lunchroom consisting of pizza, falafel, and various beverages. Finally, we joined together in the auditorium, where we concluded our day of fun with a slideshow to reflect on our experience. We then resumed our regular scheduled classes. The sophomores really enjoyed this program. Joe Sutton  exclaimed, “it was a healthy break from all the stress of classes.” The sophomore grade is looking forward to similar programs in the future. Thank you Ms. Mikhli and the sophomore teacher mentors for organizing a great day.
~Sonny Setton, Class of 2019
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