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Tuesday, June 13, 2017

JV Debate Team Win 2nd Place

After diligently preparing for weeks, a select group of students from the JV debate team competed in a match the was hosted by Heschel High School. Throughout the train ride we were collaborating with our partners with last minute details to brush up on. The topic of the debate was whether or not the sale of organs by live donors should be legalized in the United States. With our affirmative team made up of Lauren Zami and Robert Adler and the negative team with Ezra Faks and Julie Saadia we were ready to debate our positions. Throughout our speeches, crosses, and finally rebuttals we maintained and defended our sides. At the end of both debates late into the night, the award ceremony was held where the affirmative team was awarded 2nd place! We had a great experience in learning how to be articulate, develop an argument, and work quickly on our feet. We all thank our brilliant faculty advisor, Mr. Brian Katz, for helping us through our research and practices!
~Ezra Faks, Class of 2019