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Monday, June 5, 2017

Flatbush Hosts Inter-Yeshivah Robotics Competition 2017

On May 15th, the Yeshivah of Flatbush hosted its first ever robotics competition, and it was a great success. The games took place in the new Laniado gym, over the course of about three hours. The contenders were the two Flatbush teams, Team Hidary Robotics club and the Flatbush Robotics class, as well as the Magen David Spareparts and the MTA Lion-otics. There were also students from North Shore Hebrew Academy High School watching the event. The drivers of the robots were juniors Yair Chaya and Sonny Cayre for the club and team respectfully, and junior Moses Bakst was the announcer for the event. The team members who were not driving were also very enthusiastic, as they saw all of their effort put to the test in the arena. Student who were not competing even came down to the gym to watch. Overall, Hidary Robotics placed in first with a perfect record, and the robotics class placed in third. This was not the first time any of the schools competed in any competitions, (Flatbush competed in the NYC FIRST Tech challenge which the Robotics Club came in third in March) however, this was the first inter-Yeshivah competition. After the event, all team members received a certificate for all of their hard work for this competition. Judging by the reactions of all those involved, the event was a huge success, and there will hopefully be a 2nd annual Flatbush Robotics contest next year. Thank you to Mrs. Shifra Hanon for organizing the event! ~Moses Bakst, Class of 2018

Photo Gallery:
First Annual Robotics Competition 2017