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Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Commission Fair 2017!

 From Girls Who Code, to Mishmar, to the Chess team - there are so many ways for Yeshivah of Flatbush Joel Braverman High School students of all grades to take on new opportunities.Yesterday a successful commission fair helped all students, whether they are a freshman, sophomore, junior, or senior- find new and exciting clubs to get involved in! There was also cotton candy and popcorn for all to enjoy.
The annual SGO Commission Fair was a fun and efficient way to help students discover new activities they’re interested in. Each commissioner had a booth with a display, explaining what their club was, what their purpose was, and why you should join. Next step would be determining if you’re interested- and if you were, you’d sign up. Everyone had a fun time signing up for their favorite activities and clubs- especially the incoming freshmen. Tons and tons of freshmen had each signed up for more than five clubs to see what activities they were intrigued by.

It was exciting for each leader of each club to see so many people take concern and interest in their own clubs, because by the end of the commission fair- almost each sign up sheet for every activity was completely filled!
“The commission fair was a great opportunity to recruit more writers,” says senior Sharon Chappan, commissioner of the school blog, MyFlatbushLife. “It was a great way to recruit new freshmen that enjoyed writing, as well as anyone else in the school that would’ve liked to join,” she says. And for for teachers and principals, it was great for them to see all the happy faces of the new freshmen that looked so eager to sign up for everything.
Another great thing the commission fair had, other than so many students wanting to get involved, is also the fact that there are clubs for EVERYONE to join! There are clubs for so many different hobbies and talents. If students are interested in the culinary arts- there’s Cooking For a Cause. If students were to be interested in writing- there’s the school newspaper (aka ‘The Phoenix’). If one was interested in working with children with disabilities, there’s the Yachad and Ohel Programs commission.

Thank you to the SGO and Ms. Marcus for organizing this special event. Everyone’s excited and ready to get involved, and there are so many different clubs and activities for everyone to sign up for- can’t wait to choose some!
~Eva Cohen, Class of 2021