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Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Freshman Day 2017

Yesterday, September 16th was half Freshman Day. To kick off the day we had a Meet the Principals Breakfast, which was very informative because we got to see our principals and hear a short speech from each of them. The speeches from the principals also helped us get to know them better and get more comfortable with them.
Later in the day, the entire freshman grade gathered in the auditorium with our senior mentors. Then, we separated by class and went to a classroom with our senior mentors to participate in fun team-building games. We started out with some ice breakers so we can get to know our classmates and our mentors better and we moved on to a trivia game where the class was split into two and we solved riddles.
Next, we played a game where we had to make tin foil hats, scarves, gloves, and more. This game was and silly which was helpful because it helped us bond and form friendships with the other classmates on our team. After we completed these games, all the freshman girls went to the gym to do more activities. First, we had relay races where we jumped across the gym while our feet  were in a potato sac. Then we split by class and played tooshie volleyball, it is basically volleyball but you cannot stand up. Last we played tug of war. It felt amazing to see everyone being friendly to one another and see us coming together as a grade. The boys also pariticpated in various sports games in the auxiliary gym. Next, all the boys and girls went to the auditorium to watch a slideshow of our exciting day. To end off the day, Rabbi Besser gave us a very inspirational speech about being nice and including all of our classmates. To get his point across he finished off with two powerful videos about not only not being mean to one another but also going out of your way to be nice to your peers. Overall, it was a great day to get to know and have fun with the other students in my grade
~Prissy Baranoff, Class of 2021

Freshman Day 2017/5777