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Friday, December 23, 2011

Senior Chanukah Party!

On Wednesday December 21, the Senior Council put together a Chanukah program for the 12th grade. The evening began with mincha and arbit, and continued with wonderful entertainment, a Dvar Torah and dinner. Featured performers: Rabbi Beyda, Rabbi Benlulu, Joseph Khezrie, Ezra Hochman and Steven Burekhovitch wowed the crowd with their own version of Adam Sandler's Hanukkah song. All of the seniors were assigned "secret Maccabees" for whom they bought a small gift. The gifts were exchanged over a Pizza Time dinner, sponsored by our Senior Council,  that everyone enjoyed. The program was a big success!!

Special thanks to our wonderful band who provided excellent entertainment:
Ariell Bitton - guitar 
Solly Spigel- drums
Steven Burekhovich- bass
Akiva Abromowitz-  vocals

Special thanks to our Senior Council and Rabbi Beyda
Batya Abadie, President
Herbie Missry, Vice President
Richie Mishaan, Secretary
Iris Senior, Treasurer