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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

8th Graders Visit High School

On Thursday October 10th, a program filled with new faces, motivated junior mentors and much excitement took place. Boys and girls from the eighth grade at Flatbush Elementary came to visit, enjoying an entertaining program and meeting with select juniors to get to know more about the different activities and opportunities in the high school. After introductions by Ms. Bernfeld, Ms. Winkler, and Ms. Sanders, Leor Alkaada and Rosie Amar welcomed the eighth graders and shared their personal insights into what Flatbush high school means for the students there. Following a fun interactive game of "know your high school" bingo, juniors and their 8th graders met informally in small groups to talk about the what happens in high school. The enthusiastic and eager eighth graders sat on the edge of their seats as the juniors told them all about Yachad, seminar, and even the tennis team and math lab. The eighth graders discussed their favorite subjects and activities and asked a variety of questions that the juniors actively answered reassuringly and told them about the many programs and classes available to each student. The music video of the high school was a highlight of the event and the 8th graders left with smiles just a bit bigger and faces a little brighter than when they arrived. ~Abby Shegelman