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Monday, October 21, 2013

Sunday Morning Learning: October 5774

Lasy Sunday, Flatbush hosted its first Sunday Morning Learning session of the year. Despite the SBH marathon and a memorial program at Shaare Tzion for Rav OvadiaYosef z”l, nearly 50 students, teachers, and parents attended the program. As always it began with Tefillah and a delicious breakfast. Chavruta time followed to prepare for the shiur. Mr. Engel, who sponsored this month’s program in memory of his father, gave a thought provoking shiur titled “Crime and Punishment,” which covered a wide range of ideas from Adam and Chava to Yehuda and his sons. Parents, students and faculty all learned and enjoyed. The next SML takes place November 17th, and everyone is encouraged to attend! ~Shani Zenilman